Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Who is the real (?) Lori Michelle Scott

 The arrest occurred back in July of 2013. Wolcott Officer-in-Charge, Tom Ryan spotted a vehicle reported stolen out of the Town of Lafayette, NY. The driver identified herself as Shannon Shepard, age 41, out of the State of Illinois.

Although the driver did not have the proper identification, police had no reason to believe she was not who she claimed to be. The case was turned over to the State Police in Wolcott and Shannon was charged with Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the 4th Degree and Unauthorized Use of a Motor vehicle in the 3rd Degree. She was arraigned and remanded to jail to await her court date.

After her initial arrest, Shepard was released on a pre-trail program. That was the last anyone in Wayne County saw, or heard from the woman. Her court date came and went with Shepard a no-show.

A record check showed that Shepard lived in Illinois and a Grand Jury notice was issued for her to appear in Wayne County Court. Unfortunately, the State Police and the District Attorney’s Office soon discovered that Shannon Shepard was the name of an attorney who had no idea why she was being summoned to Wayne County, NY.

The search began for the real identity of the person arrested in the Village of Wolcott back in July. Apparently, the woman using the name Shannon Shepard had done so before. In fact, she used several different aliases in her long career in crime. Searching the aliases, State Police hit upon the name Lori Michelle Scott, age 41. A further investigation showed Scott had a very checkered criminal history in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois and New York.

Further investigation showed Scott was released from prison in Texas and somehow next showed up in New York. State Police investigators, using prior fingerprint records, confirmed that they indeed have Lori Michelle Scott and that she was in jail on a prostitution charge in Rochester. In fact, the woman had several charges in Rochester and was reportedly homeless.

State Investigators in Wolcott picked up Scott in Rochester and brought her back on new charges of Criminal Impersonation in the 1st Degree and Falsifying Business Records in the 1st Degree. She was begrudgingly arraigned in Wolcott Court, using expletives along the way and remanded to the Wayne County jail on $10,000 cash/$20,000 bond. More charges are pending.

It is surmised that Scott either knew the name and details of Shepard, or perhaps used her in her legal woes while in Illinois.

“The State Police did some excellent work in finding her,” said Wayne County Assistant District Attorney Jacquelin McCormick.