Town of Ontario plow destroyed by flames while clearing roads

Town of Ontario plow destroyed by flames while clearing roads

On Wednesday (1/1) at 3:30 a.m.,  Gary Kotvis was working his plow/salt route on Walworth Ontario Road near Paddy Lane Town. The Town of Ontario truck driver heard a noise. Within seconds, a flame erupted in the cab of the 2001 Sterling 10-wheel truck.

Kotvis immediately pulled over, out of the roadway, away from houses and power lines, and leaped from the burning cab. The truck became fully engulfed and the truck was deemed a total loss within minutes.

According to newly elected Town Supervisor John Smith, the Town of Marion Highway is helping Ontario out, lending a hand keeping the roadways clear until a replacement truck is purchased.

Smith said the cause of the fire could have been mechanical or electrical. They are uncertain at this time.

The Ontario Fire Department rushed to the scene to extinguish the flames and the destroyed truck was towed to the Highway barns. The truck was fully insured.


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