Town of Marion Nov. 11, 2013

A regular meeting of the Marion Town Board was called to order at 7:00 PM in the Marion Municipal Building by Supervisor Bender.
A public hearing was held regarding amending the Town of Marion Sewer Ordinance, effective January 1, 2014. The proposed change is as follows: A $41.00 sewer unit charge, with a $16.00 per the first 1,000 gallons of usage, and $3.95 per thousand gallons thereafter as metered. Superintendent of Sewers, Mr. Jeffrey Cragg, explained the increase is due to rising costs and the rate increase will help to compensate. Notification to sewer users will be furnished through the public hearing posting, within meeting minutes, and also on sewer bills. The hearing was closed at 7:06 PM.
Meeting minutes from November 4th were approved, as presented. Correspondence reported included a letter from the Wayne County Water Authority, informing the town of a rate increase of ten cents per thousand gallons of water, and a letter from the NYS OPRHP regarding the Marion/Sodus Joint Owl’s Nest Water Project.
Supervisor Bender reported that the baseball dugouts with benches in the park are nearly completed as an Eagle Scout project by R.J. Sturtz. She remarked that it is “Absolutely beautiful, they did a tremendous job.” Additionally she noted that other projects in the park are also nearing completion, and security cameras were installed to help prevent future vandalism, with notice to be posted within the park. Regarding water, the town has been accruing signatures for the water project extension, and Rural Development has notified the town that the first line should be in by the summer of 2014. She also noted that the Sewer Department is still awaiting notification regarding the LGE Grant. Lastly she noted that the Town Clerk’s office has been keeping busy with water bills and hunting licenses.
In honor of the Veteran’s Day holiday, Vietnam Veteran and Town Councilman, Mr. Mike Fonte, remarked that “Things have progressed substantially for the good since I came back from serving. We need to continue this for those who are serving now. There is no such thing as a good war; everybody loses.”
Councilman Kauffman reported that volunteers will be meeting to establish new projects and continue cleanups throughout the town this coming weekend.
Mr. Tim Boerman, Highway Department Superintendent, reported that the Highway Department finished work on Hall Center Road, did truck maintenance and had truck inspections, completed culvert work, completed mowing- noting the county mowing went well-, and is now mixing salt and sand for winter snow removal.
Reports were received for the month of October from the Town Clerk, Justices Bender and Bonafede, the Code Enforcement Officer, Financial Reports, and the Library Director. The August/September monthly reports from the Assessor were also approved, as presented.
Under business, the board approved the following resolutions and business items:
– Approval of November 4, 2013 board meeting minutes
– Approval to receive and file all reports dated November 11, 2013
– Authorization of Reimbursement of duplicate sewer payment for the Dunlap Residence
– Authorization of Reimbursement of duplicate sewer payment for the Oathout Residence
– Amending the Sewer Ordinance, as per the public hearing
– Adoption of the proposed 2014 budget, up one cent on the current tax rate
– Authorization of the new Permit Fee Schedule
– Authorization for the 2013 Subsidiary Transfers, with appropriate amendments of the 2013 Budget
– Authorization of the Procedure for Worker’s Compensation Premium Chargeback
– Authorization of a Special Town Board Meeting to be held on November 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM in the Marion Municipal Room for the purpose of adopting the order for the North East Quadrant Phase Three Water District
– Authorization of a dental ryder for the Town of Marion
– Authorization to amend Claim 2001, payable to Xylem Water Solutions in the amount of $1,284.00
– Authorization to hire Ms. Carrie Deming as a Part-Time Town Clerk, effective November 27, 2013 at a remuneration of $10.00 per hour, for a minimum of 7 hours per week
– Authorization for the Payment of Claims in the total amount of $220,073.81
No other business came before the board and the public meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM . The next meeting of the Marion Town Board will be a work session, to be held on Monday, December 9th at 7:00 in the Marion Mu

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