Town of Butler Nov. 11, 2013

A regular meeting of the Butler Town Board was held on November 11, 2013 at the Butler Town Hall.
In Public Participation, Paul Eygnor asked if water pressure will be increasing on the corner of Whiskey Hill Road and Route 104. Supervisor Spickerman said we are working on it. Councilman Wagner said we should be more aggressive about installing a waterline across Route 104.
The following departments submitted or read their monthly reports aloud: the supervisor, town clerk, justices, highway superintendent, animal control officer, code enforcement officer and historian. Councilman VanGelder moved to accept the monthly reports as given, seconded by Councilman VanDesuen. All were in favor. Carried.
In Correspondence, New York State Real Property sent a reminder about re-appointments for the Board of Assessment Review. Supervisor Spickerman mentioned to the town board that we need to find a new member.
New York State Department of Conservation sent a copy of a gravel pit transfer in the Town of Butler.
North Rose-Wolcott Central School sent a copy of the negative declaration for their capital project.
In Old Business, the town board discussed the comprehensive plan. Councilman VanDeusen asked Don Camp, Code Enforcement Officer, if he received the e-mail from Barbara Johnston. Mr. Camp said he did, but he has deep concerns about comprehensive plan laws and enforcing them.
In New Business, Supervisor Spickerman gave each board member information on MVCC Driver Certification Training. He asked the board to review it and discuss it at next month’s meeting.
Permission was given to purchase a sander; and to sign the Wayne County Snow and Ice Contract.
New York State Department of Labor sent a copy of an unemployment claim from a previous employee.
Perrmission was given to change disability carrier.
In Other Business, the town clerk read the diesel fuel bid legal notice aloud. E & V Energy submitted a bid for $3.0842 per gallon. Councilman VanDeusen asked Highway Superintendent, Ed Reitz, if other local companies were contacted about the bid. Mr. Reitz said yes. The board accepted E & V Energy’s bid for $3.0842.
Supervisor Spickerman said he informed Mayor Baker of the Butler Town Board’s decision about in-kind services to help with water pressure in the Fastrac area but the town of Butler will not be able to put any monies toward the project. The town board discussed the size of the current water line pipe.

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