Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Tommy Catalano’s first Spencer Championship

by Gary Spaid

WILLIAMSON, NY…”It feels good to get one here at my home track,” stated an elated Tommy Catalano in victory lane. He did not win the season finale. Mike Leaty won the NASCAR Sunoco Modified 35-lapper, but Catalano earned enough track points to win his first modified title at Spencer Speedway.

“To come here and finally get this one off our back feels really good.”

Also picking up a track championship was Paul Flye in the Grandpa Dog 4-Cylinders. Flye left no suspense in the point race. He was the point leader coming into the night and he won the 15-lap feature. In the Super Sixes, Brandon Allen won the 20-lap main event, but Barrett Schenk’s close second place finish locked him into his second straight title in that division. He was the only defending champion to repeat.

SPENCER NOTES: The annual Spencer Awards Banquet is being merged with the NY SuperStock Banquet to be held at the Palymra VFW Post on Friday, November 3. Banquet tickets are available through Bobby Lippa Jr, by calling 585-943-4587….Trinity Miller won the fantasy racing game run at the track throughout the summer. Part of her reward was to act as “Trophy Girl” on this final night of racing in 2017 at Spencer Speedway…Final points must be verified by NASCAR, but the top ten unofficial point standings in the different divisions is as follows:

NASCAR SUNOCO MODIFIEDS: 1) Tommy Catalano 413, 2) Mike Leaty 389, 3) Kevin Timmerman 376, 4) Eddie Hawkins 372, 5) Daryl Lewis Jr. 360, 6) Amy Catalano 336, 7) Andy Lewis 314, 8) Chris Finocchario 276, 9) Timmy Catalano 267, 10) Kreig Heroth 248.

SUPER SIXES: 1) Barrett Schenk 416, 2) Brandon Allen 410, 3) Ashley Schoonmaker 392, 4) Brian Hallett 370, 5) Tim Faro 355, 6) Andy Cocilova 310, 7) Alison Knoepfler 308, 8) Bill Inch 287, 9) Chris Connors 283, 10) Van Grant 271.

GRANDPA DOG FOUR CYLINDERS: 1) Paul Flye 413, 2) A.J. Montgomery 377, 3) Jacob Gustafson 376, 4) Dalton Alexander 361, 5) Travis Montgomery 343, 6) Corey Copeland 337, 7) Dave Heimes 315, 8) Allie Montgomery 244, 9) Ryan Brown 227, 10) Maddy Virts 187.

This ends the 2017 rain shortened season at Spencer Speedway. The next event on the race calendar is the annual Awards Banquet on November 3.

Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2017. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted as part of the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Point Chase.

For more information go to: www.spencerspeedway.org.



HEAT 1: C. Copeland, A.J. Montgomery, D. Alexander, D. Heimes, A. Montgomery.

HEAT 2: P. Flye, T. Montgomery, J. Gustafson, R. Brown.

FEATURE (15-lap): PAUL FLYE, Travis Montgomery, Jacob Gustafson, A.J. Montgomery, Dalton Alexander, Ryan Brown, Dave Heimes, Corey Copeland, Allie Montgomery


HEAT 1: A. Knoepfler, B. Allen, B. Hallett, A. VanHall, T. Faro.

HEAT 2: A. Schoonmaker, B. Schenk, A. Cocilova, V. Grant, B. Inch.

FEATURE (20-laps): BRANDON ALLEN, Barrett Schenk, Brian Hallett, Ashley Schoonmaker, Alison Knoepfler, Andy Cocilova, Van Grant, Adam VanHall, Tim Faro, Chris Connors, Bill Inch.


HEAT 1: M. Leaty, K. Timmerman, To. Catalano, D. Lewis Jr., E. Hawkins.

HEAT 2: A. Lewis, C. Sellars, N. Morich, C. Finocchario, A. Catalano.

FEATURE (35-laps): MIKE LEATY, Eddie Hawkins, Tommy Catalano, Connor Sellars, Amy Catalano, Kevin Timmerman, Daryl Lewis Jr., Jimmy Zacharias, Andy Lewis, Chris Finocchario, Kreig Heroth, T.J. Zacharias, Corey Mosher, Geoff Sharkey, Nick Morich, Timmy Catalano, Mark Cline.