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by Gary M. Spaid

WILLIAMSON, NY…Rusty Smith, from Oxford, NY, picked up his 9th track career feature win last Friday at Spencer Speedway in the Sunoco Modified division.

“This is the same car we’ve raced here the last two years,” stated Smith in Victory Lane. “I really don’t care what I drive as long as I can win.”

The New York Super Stock series was also on hand for their 25-lap main event. Terry Cheetham powered his way to victory, beating out Jim Steffenhagen Jr. at the line. Brian Hallett (Super Sixes), Shaun Frarey ((4 cylinder scorpions) and Bryce Norton (INEX Legends) all took feature wins on the evening.

Fourteen Sunoco Modifieds took the green with Amy Catalano taking the lead from her pole starting position. Andy Lewis, Eddie Hawkins and Smith were all in tow behind her. On lap four the yellow flew when Tom Wiest’s number 35 coasted to a stop in the fourth turn.
The restart saw Smith duck low down the backstretch passing Lewis and Catalano for the lead by the entrance to the third turn. A lap later Catalano dropped back to fourth, seeming to suffer some mechanical issue.

Smith now found Mike Leaty, Darryl Lewis Jr., and Kevin Timmerman on his heels. The yellow flag flew again on lap 18, when Ron Smith looped around in the fourth turn. The restart saw Rusty hold off the advances of Leaty, to remain the leader.

Two laps later, lap 21, the yellow flew again when Billy Semmler and Tim Lewis jr. came together in turn four. During this caution Amy pitted, returning to the back of the field. She would eventually exit the race on lap 26.

Smith remained the leader the rest of the 35-lap distance. Leaty finished second followed by Darryl Lewis Jr., Timmerman and Tommy Catalano rounding out the top five finishers.

When asked about the lap four restart, Smith’s only comment was, “Yeah! That low move did work out well for me.”

The 25-lap New York Super Stock main event saw Jason Dinzler and his fiancée Brianna Ramsey move into positions one and two followed by Zach Willis and Willie Strusz.

The first yellow flag flew on lap seven when Strusz, following contact the lap before, stopped in the fourth turn with a flat tire. He was able to return to the back of the field for the restart.

Dinzler now found Jim Steffenhagen Jr., Mitchell Wright, Terry Cheetham and Steve Malin on his tail. Steffenhagen was able to move past Dinzler for the lead on lap nine. Mitchell and Cheetham followed him through the hole he created to take second and third respectively. The action then slowed as the yellow flew when Ramsey spun around exiting the fourth turn.

The restart saw Cheetham duck low on the backstretch, passing Wright for second and setting his sights on Steffenhagen. But before he could make a move the yellow flew on lap 14 for a spin by Matt Lees.

The restart saw Cheetham take the lead in a bold move entering turn three. Again the yellow flew, this time for a spin out by Willis. This would prove to be the final yellow flag setting up a ten lap race to the finish.

Cheetham took the victory by some ten car lengths over Steffenhagen Jr. and Wright. Chris Vogler, who started last on the field finished in fourth followed by Malin.

“I’ve raced here a lot,” stated Cheetham. “It’s been some time since I won here. Last year we sat the season out. We had to rebuild this car, almost from scratch. But everything works well on it now.”

The Super Six 20-lap feature saw Brian Hallett jump into the lead and eventually he would lead the entire distance. Two yellows slowed the action. On lap three Phil Alhart looped around in the first turn and on lap 10, he spun out again in turn four.

Hallett took the win, his fifteenth career win at Spencer. He was followed across the finish line by Tim Faro, Brandon Allen, Van Grant and Andy Cocilova.

The 15-lap INEX Legend feature saw a small field of just four cars take the green. Bryce Norton took the lead and sailed away from the competition in the race that would run green-to-checkers. Brad Salatino, Josh Marchese and Kevin Bertolone followed Norton across the finish line.

“It’s great to take this win, but even better to have my brother back,” stated Norton. “He just returned from Afghanistan this past week.”

The Four-Cylinder Scorpion 15-lap feature saw the yellow fly on the first lap for debris. When the field restarted it was Shaun Frarey leading the way over Tom Alloco and Austin Montgomery. Frarey began to lap the track at a furious pace, pulling out a full straight away lead over Montgomery, who took second on lap four.

The yellow flew on lap 10, when Alloco looped in the third turn. This bunched the field together. Travis Montgomery was able to pass his brother Austin for second on the restart. but no one had anything for Frarey as he took the checkers. Travis came home second followed by Beth Dennie and his brother Austin. Joe Clark rounded out the top five finishers.

This coming Friday, June 27th will feature the Sunoco Modifieds. There will be double points up for grabs in the Super Six division. Completing the program will be qualifying and features for the 4-Cylinders Scorpions, INEX Legends and Mid-State Vintage Stock Cars. Race time starts at 7:30 p.m. sharp.

The Twin-20 lap features for the Sunoco Modified lost to rain on June 13, have now been rescheduled for July 4th. The first Kids Bicycle race of the year has also been added to the July 4th program.

Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2014. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

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HEAT:  B. Norton, B. Salatino, J. Marchese, K. Bertolone.

FEATURE (15-Laps):  BRYCE NORTON, Brad Salatino, Josh Marchese, Kevin Bertolone.


HEAT 1:  D. Knapp Jr., A. Montgomery, T. Alloco, B. Dennie, C. Bolton-Brown.

HEAT 2:  S. Frarey, J. Clark, T. Montgomery, Ti. Catalano, A. Knoepfler.

FEATURE (15-laps): SHAUN FRAREY, Travis Montgomery, Beth Dennie, Austin Montgomery, Joe Clark, Alison Knoepfler, Tom Alloco, Timmy Catalano, Jennifer Dennie, Ashley Schoonmaker, Carrie Bolton-Brown, Frank Parsons, Donnie Knapp Jr.


HEAT 1:  T. Faro, B. Allen, A. Cocilova, R. Hillegeer, B. Mitchell.

HEAT 2:   B. Hallett, J. Schoonmaker, V. Grant, A. VanHall, B. Schenk.

FEATURE (20-laps):  BRIAN HALLETT, Tim Faro, Brandon Allen, Van Grant, Andy Cocilova, Ryan Hillegeer, Bill Inch, Adam VanHall, Barrett Schenk, Bill Mitchell, Josh Schoonmaker.


HEAT 1:  T. Cheetham, J. Steffenhagen Jr., W. Strusz, Z. Willis, B. Ramsey.

HEAT 2:   S. Malin, M. Wright, J. Dinzler, P. Alhart, M. Lees.

FEATURE (25-laps): TERRY CHEETHAM, Jim Steffenhagen Jr., Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler, Steve Malin, Willie Strusz, Jason Dinzler, Matt Lees, Zach Willis, Dave Fetterly, Joey Miller, Brianna Ramsey, Phil Alhart, Dale Lazzaro.


HEAT 1:  E. Hawkins, R. Smith, K. Timmerman, T. Catalano, T. Lewis Jr.

HEAT 2:  A. Catalano, M. Leaty, D. Lewis Jr., A. Lewis, B. Lippa Jr.

FEATURE (35-laps): RUSTY SMITH, Mike Leaty, Darryl Lewis Jr., Kevin Timmerman, Tommy Catalano, Andy Lewis, Bobby Lippa Jr., Ron Smith, Chris Ridsdale, Eddie Hawkins, Billy Semmler, Tom Wiest, Amy Catalano, Tim Lewis Jr.

June 14, 2014 Drag racing result

by Lee DeRidder

June 14th racing results are as follows:

Super Pro winner was Neal Onderdonk from Shortsville. Frank Panaro of Rochester took 2nd with Chucky White from Ontario and Doug Burton from Shortsville finished 3rd and 4th.

Pro class winner was Dave Stock from Weedsport. Little Sam DeMario from Marion took 2nd with Jim Link from Ontario in 3rd and Jimmy Bellnier in 4th place.

Street winner was Todd Minard from Jamesville with Bob Lynchesky from Hilton in 2nd and Austin Leckinger from Ontario in 3rd.

We had plenty of time to fit in a gamblers race with Ken Nogay in 1st and Dave Beaton in 2nd.

We would like to invite all high school kids from the age of 14 to 18 to come out and try drag racing. This class is new and we have yet to have any one participate. All you need to do is come with a parent and sign in with a fee of $20. You must have a parents consent to race. You can race your car as long as you drive it into the track.

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