Monday, January 16th, 2017

Wife of double murder suspect jailed

Before asking for a lawyer in the double homicide case involving mother and daughter, Terri Moulton and Stacey Moulton in August of 2013, Dante Taylor told police he was at home at the time of the murders.

Before she knew what her then-boyfriend told police, Yahaira Contes, age 34, residing at 22 Gardiner Street in Rochester, told police Taylor, his car and cell phone were gone for several hours at the time the women were brutally killed.

Obviously the two stories did not match up. Contes was first asked, and then served with a subpoena, ordering her to show up for additional questioning in the case. After failing to show up at Court, refusing the subpoenas, and flatly telling police and court officials “I’m not coming”, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

“She has been nothing but a problem,” commented Wayne County District Attorney, Rick Healy. He decided the only way he could ensure Contes  presence for questioning and eventually for the trial, was to have her arrested as a ‘material witness’. She failed to show up in Court on Friday (6/27) and the bench warrant was issued.

On Tuesday, Contes showed up with an attorney to turn herself in. She was arraigned as a material witness in the case against Dantes, who is now her husband, and remanded to jail on $5000 cash bail.

Dante married Contes, while he was awaiting trial in the Wayne County Jail for the killings. Officials believed the ‘marriage’ was conducted with the thought that, as his wife, Contes could not be forced to testify against him in the case.

“There is no marital privacy involved in her statements to police, only private conversations between a husband and wife constitute the husband/wife marital privacy,” said the District Attorney.

Even during her arraignment on Wednesday (7/2), Contes continued her stubborn streak, refusing to tell either the Court or the jail her new address. She is scheduled to appear back in County Court on July 14th.

D.A. Healy said her testimony, whether she declines to testify at the trial, or not, is “not a make or break in the case”.


Terri Moulton, age 54 and her daughter Stacey Moulton, age 30, had agreed to check on and feed a neighbor’s (Shawn Yager) cat at his Champlin Road residence in Sodus while  the Sodus man was vacationing in Aruba.

The two women went to the home at about 1 p.m. and when they failed to return, Terri Moulton’s husband became concerned and went to the home to check on them at about 4 p.m. He reportedly discovered the bodies of the two women, who had been stabbed to death, lying near a dining room table. Small fires had been started in the residence in an apparent attempt to hide the double murders. The fires were quickly extinguished. Police believed the women interrupted a burglary in progress.

Taylor has an extensive police history. He has been in State Prison two different times, the latest for Attempted Robbery in the 1st Degree, where he was sentenced to eight years. He is currently being held in the Wayne County Jail. Jury selection in the Dante Taylor case is expected to begin on September 12th. Healy will be prosecuting the case.