Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

When one wife is just not enough

It must have been a lovely wedding, one unforgettable moment when Matthew Dye, age 32,  married the love of his life, Caroline, back in 2010. The bride currently resides in Manhattan, but alas, Matthew is nowhere to be found in the Big Apple.

Move forward to 2013. There is Matt, all gussied up, standing next to the woman he is about to profess his un-‘dying’ love to – Nacira, in Sodus. The marriage goes off without a hitch.

Oops, there is one little snafu. Matt never got a divorce from the first Mrs. Dye, but he signed the marriage license and never gave a thought to wife number one. In New York, that crime is called Bigamy. Seems the State frowns upon having two current wives, but also signing documents contrary to that fact.

Matt, no newcomer to police, was already in the Wayne County Jail since May 12th on No Bail on charges of a parole violation. He was arraigned on the new charges and remanded back to the Wayne County Jail, again on No Bail. He will appear on the Bigamy charge in Sodus Town Court on September 2nd and the False Filing charge in Lyons Village Court on October 1st.