Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Update: Transformer currently too heavy to move

UPDATE: Engineer for the Town of Macedon, Scott Allen has reported that the large Transformer to be moved in Macedon will not occur today (Monday).

“I’ve just been informed by Bigge that the State Police have stopped the transformer move for tomorrow because their safety inspection this morning showed that the load is 30,000 pounds over the permitted weight. The timeframe is unknown as it has to go back to DOT for engineering review.”

Drivers may want to avoid Quaker Road, Wilcox Road and Route 31F heading west on Tuesday (10/2). Everyone involved in the move of a RG&E transformer will be gathering around the railroad spur off the St. Patrick’s Road Cemetery in Macedon at 8 a.m. for the final meeting.

If all goes as planned, the 10 mile per hour (or less) move of the 600,000 pound, 17 foot high transformer and trailer will begin at 8:30 a.m. Due to its height and the railroad overpass, the trailer and transformer cannot simply head north on Route 350 to 31F on its trip, that will end at the power transformer site on Harris Road in Penfield.

Instead, the self-propelled trailer, operated from a rear seat position will head west on Quaker Road, over the railroad hump and turn before crossing over Canandaigua Road, North on Wilcox to Route 31F to Route 250, then to Atlantic Avenue to Harris Road.
At the tricky pass over the hump on Quaker Road, the front truck that helps lead the 93 foot long truck and trailer will detach and let the rear driver handle the slope.

Near the Quaker Road railroad crossing, the underground major gas delivery line for New York State will be traversed. Although the 12 row, 24 right/left independent axel trailer evens out the heavy load, the New York Power Authority is taking no chances. A one inch steel plate will be placed on top of the spot where the caravan crosses.

State Police will do their final inspection of the load and trailer on Monday and will be leading the parade of officials and workers as the massive, Chinese-manufactured transformer moves to its new home.

Once the transformer is installed and loaded with oil, its weight will be dramatically increased. “This is one of the biggest transformers we have moved,” said one RG&E worker. The second transformer to be moved in such a fashion will arrive later.
Macedon Town Supervisor, Bill Hammond, along with Town Engineer Scott Allen, Highway Superintendent Dick Roets and staff from the Wayne County Water Authority will be following the progress of the transformer through the Town. The moving company, BiggE Crane and Rigging was required to put down a $1 million dollar bond to ensure safe passage and infrastructure such as roads and underground pipes. “The bond cost them (BiggE) $25,000 and they didn’t even flinch,” said Allen. RG&E crews will also lead the move to lift/remove and low hanging utility lines and traffic devices.

Allen said the roads in Macedon will be “essentially closed” during the move since the trailer load will be moving down the center of the road to prevent side and shoulder damage.