Monday, January 16th, 2017

Wayne Superintendent “temporarily unavailable”

No comments from the Board of Education or the District Office, following a bombshell resolution at Thursday night’s Wayne Central School Board meeting.

——————————————-A resolution was passed which read:——————————————

“Wayne Central School District

Board of Education


WHEREAS, Superintendent Renee Garrett will be temporarily unavailable to carry out her duties as Superintendent; and

WHEREAS, the Board is desirous of appointing a qualified person to serve as Acting Superintendent during the period commencing on or about May 27, 2014, to oversee and direct District operations, and to additionally provide the Board of Education with assistance during the anticipated leave of the Superintendent, and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education after due consideration, has determined that current Principal of Ontario Primary School, Robert LaRuche possesses the qualifications and experience to serve as the Acting Superintendent of the Wayne Central School District, to continue the orderly administration of the District’s educational and operational affairs and to undertake such duties and responsibilities on behalf of the District, and

WHEREAS, Mr. LaRuche has agreed to accept the Board’s offer of appointment to additionally serve as the District’s Acting Superintendent.

NOW, THEREFORE, this Board, pursuant to applicable provisions of the New York State Education Law, hereby appoints Robert LaRuche as Acting Superintendent of Schools of the Wayne Central School District at a per diem rate of $200.00 per day, effective on or about May 27, 2014; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that, as Acting Superintendent, Mr. LaRuche shall possess all authority and responsibility to serve as Superintendent of Schools of the Wayne Central School District; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Education Law, the District shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Mr. LaRuche from any claims which may arise in connection with his services as Acting Superintendent during such period.”


The vote was unanimous, 8-1, with no further discussion.

The term “temporarily unavailable”  was not qualified with a time line.

No explanation was given for the change of status. It is unknown if Garrett will be back, or if a new Superintendent Search will begin. For now, Mr. LaRuche will be handling the duties of both positions, Acting Superintendent of Schools, and Principal of Ontario Primary.