Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Wayne County Republicans caucus to designate candidates for County Seats

At a designation caucus on Thursday, May 11th, the Wayne County Republican Committee met to designate their candidates for the September 12 Primary.

Designated for Office of State Committeewoman for the 130th Assembly District was Jocelyn VanGelder of Butler, and for Committeeman for the same district, Republicans designated Joseph Perry of Palmyra. these are two year terms.

By acclamation, and with no competition within the party, Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts and Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski were unanimously designated for their seats for the next 4 years.
In a highly contested race within the party, two candidates put their names up for consideration for the 4 year term of Wayne County District Attorney.

With former D.A. Rick Healy taking on a County Judgeship last year, his appointed Acting D.A. Christopher Bokelman was seeking to gain the Republican nomination for the 4-year post.

Challenging Bokelman was David Fulvio, an attorney in private practice with the Villani & Grow Law firm in Lyons. He has served as a municipal attorney, and as a Wayne County Assigned Counsel.

Following some passionate nominating and seconding speeches, paper balloting occurred to determine the Republican Designee.

With weighed voting, Fulvio came out on top garnering 6395.5 weighted votes to 3659.0 for Bokelman.
Following the caucus, Bokelman graciously conceded. “Congratulations to Mr. Fulvio for earning the Committee’s designation. Thank you to all of those who supported me and to those who did not, I appreciated your giving me the opportunity to present my candidacy.”

Fulvio stated: “It is an honor and privilege to be nominated by the Wayne County Republican Committee to serve the people of Wayne County. I thank the many members of the Wayne County Republican Committee for their hard work and dedication to this process, and I look forward to working closely with them to see that we are successful this fall.” Fulvio also told the crowd: “My goal is to restore integrity and Wayne County ideals to our District Attorney’s Office.”