Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Wayne County EMS providers honored

Emergency Medical Services community came out for a picnic and fun and to honor their family members and peers at the 1st Annual Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Awards and Family Picnic this past Saturday, May 21st. Sponsored by Newark-Wayne Community Hospital (NWCH), 11 EMS providers were the recipients of awards for 2011.

They included:
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital EMS Awards – 2011:
Josh Cheetham, Basic Life Support Provider of the Year Award (Member STAC and Sodus Center Fire Department Ambulance)
Todd Blanchard, Advanced Life Support Provider of the Year Award (Director of Operations Macedon Town Ambulance)
Christian Ochs, Youth Provider of the Year Award (Member Newark-Arcadia Volunteer Ambulance (NAVA))
Ken Kelly, EMS Leadership Award (General Manager Finger Lakes Ambulance)
Frank Edwards, M.D., EMS Leadership Award (Medical Director Advance Level of Care (ALS) Program)
Joan Stark, EMS Educator of Excellence Award (36 year member Ontario EMS)
Mark Braccio, EMS Communications Specialist of the Year Award (E911 Dispatcher)
Crystal Spencer, RN, EMT-D, Registered Nurse of Excellence Award (Member NAVA)
James Syrett, MD, Physician of Excellence Award (NWCH Director of Pre-hospital Care)
Joe Schell, Lifetime Achievement Award
Sodus Town Ambulance Corp, EMS Agency of the Year Award
“The event is the result of an on-going effort to support and recognize the exemplary efforts of the EMS providers who provide Prehospital care to our patients each and every day,” said Eve Williams, M.D., Interim Medical Director of Emergency Service at Newark-Wayne. “These men and women are highly-trained professionals who are part of the overall care provided to patients. We couldn’t do what we do without their expertise and care.”
“I am privileged to present the EMS Lifetime Achievement Award to a leader among community leaders,” said Annette Leahy, Campaign Director, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Foundation. “Joe Schell, from Sodus Town Ambulance (STAC), is a founding member of STAC since 1971. He is one of the most respected paramedics in the region and his dedication to EMS is legendary and is one of the reasons that STAC is able to cover more than 1,000 EMS calls a year. “
“As a paid paramedic for Wayne County ALS, Joe is also the oldest county employee, although you could not tell it from the energy and youth that he demonstrates every day,” Leahy said. “When you talk about commitment you think about Joe. For 39 out of the last 40 years he has been the director of operations at STAC and over that time had logged over 100,000 volunteer hours, although that figure vastly underestimates the actual number of hours he has committed to his community. When you ask local EMS providers to picture an EMS system without Joe in it, they can’t, because to this county and this hospital, Joe is EMS and he has earned the radio identifier MEDIC1. For your years of service, commitment to learning and developing future EMS leaders and your strength and the values you live every day, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital is proud to share the stage with you today and award you our EMS lifetime achievement award. From our patients and our community, thank you.”
Doug Stark, Director of New Program Development and Outpatient Services, presented the award to the EMS Agency of the Year, Sodus Town Ambulance (STAC).
“STAC has been an enormously valuable agency in our region for a very long time,” said Doug Stark. “This year it celebrates 40 years of service and NWCH is proud to award STAC their “NWCH EMS Agency of the Year” award Concerned local citizens originally formed STAC after the Norton Funeral Home found itself unable to respond to all of the EMS calls it was receiving. 40 years later STAC now responds to over 1,000 EMS calls each year. They are responsible for the Blossom View Nursing Home and with only 30 active members are able to routinely cover over 90% of requests for service in their town. They are also very active in providing paramedic services to surrounding towns and are often the only available ALS providers in Sodus and surrounding areas. At their core is a group of dedicated committed members who annually volunteer thousands of hours of service to our community. They promote the highest care standard, participate in regional education programs and have some of the most loved members in our community. Their close relations to their community have ensured that for the last 40 years STAC has thrived and been able to secure donations and awards to allow them to purchase new vehicles and equipment. They are currently planning the building of a new base to ensure the long-term future of the agency. Their members seek constant education and STAC has become an agency where you walk in as member of the public and grow into a high quality EMT or Paramedic. NWCH is proud to partner with such a professional agency and one that ensures a high quality of care for our patients. We are overjoyed to be recognizing STAC as our EMS agency of the year.”