Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Wayne County Election Results

In Savannah, incumbent Ken Lauderdale has lost his bid for another term as Supervisor. Write in candidate Michael Kolczynski received 292 votes to Lauderdale’s 192. Kolczynski, the current fire chief and former highway superintendent staged the challenge late in the campaign. The proposition to change the Supervisor’s term of office to four years and make the Highway Superintendent’s position an appointive office, failed.  For Savannah Council, winners were Frederick Baker (335) and Julie VanLeeuwen (298). Incumbent John Metcalf lost his seat with 153 votes and John VanDuyne garnered 91.Alan Sherman retained his seat as Highway Superintendent over John King Jr. 373 to 132.

In Rose, current Supervisor Lucinda Collier was defeated by Kenan Baldridge 203 to 225. David VanHanehan received 150 votes. In the Town Justice Race, Don Ballagh defeated Mike Donalty to 367 to 206. For Council seats: Scott Converse won with 410 votes, and Richard Lasher with 353.  Bob Ceccarelli received 245 votes.

In Marion, Supervisor Jody Bender will return with a win over Gary Smith 363 to 288.

In Butler, Supervisor Dave Spickerman ran unopposed, as did Town Clerk Robin Jeremenko, and Town Councilmen Duane VanGelder and Eugene VanDeusen. The proposition Number one to change the Supervisor’s Race to four years failed. Proposition Two to change the term to four years for clerk passed, and the Proposition Three to change the term of the Highway Superintendent to four years passed.

In Palmyra, the winner was incumbent Ken Miller 449 over Dean George 295. Palmyra Council seats went to Mike Lambrix (425) and Jim Welch (455). David Pray received 293 and Cindy Beagley had 272.

In Walworth the town council seats went to Larry Ruth with 674 votes and Vaughn Pembroke with 717. Incumbent Town Councilwoman Suzi Hawkins Mance lost with 638 votes and Dennis Landry received 342. Linda Bretsch won the Receiver of Taxes race over Barb Kuelling 617 to 585.

In Ontario, Bob Kelsch retains his as Town Supervisor by 957 votes over Joe Molino with 806 votes. For Council seats, winners were Lori Eaton-Smith (972) and Mike Melino (893). Jim Switzer received 800 votes and Joan Stark received 770.

In Williamson, Incumbent Town Supervisor Jim Hoffman ran unopposed. Kurt Allman won the Highway Superintendent seat (894) over Russel Scott (763). A hotly contested race in the Town Justice race ended with Barry VanNostrand (954) and Deborah Stritzel (917) winning the two seats. Charles Burkwit received 517 votes and Charles Monsees received 561.

In Wolcott Scott Maybe won the Superintndent of Highways race 379 to 235 over Chris Loveless. The Supervisor race for Kim Park was uncontested.

In the Town of Sodus, Steve Leroy retained his seat with 990 votes over Craig Wollesen with 332 votes. Bill Dubois remains highway superintendent with 888 votes over Greg Allman with 373. For Council seats Bob Debadts 791 and Kelly Grey 851 won. Mary Ellen Fava received 371 and Micheal Madison received 564.

In Arcadia, Dick Colacino leads with 588 votes to Joe Desanto’s 544. With 216 absentee ballots still out, it remains to see if the lead will hold. The proposition to eliminate the Tax collector’s position did not pass.

In Galen, current Supervisor Steve Groat defeated challengers Andre D’Amato and former Supervisor Leo Jenkins. Groat had 457 votes, to D’Amato’s 152 and Jenkins 204.  In the Town Council race, winners were Richard Donselaar with 413 and Noreen Kanaley with 714. Bill Delperdange received 327 votes. In the Superintendent of Highways race, Paul Plucinik won 662 over Kyle Pangburn with 99.

In Huron, Supervisor Laurie Crane was running unopposed.

In Lyons, Supervisor Brian Manktelow was running unopposed. In a close race, Judge Nicholas Forgione was unseated by Larry Hartwell 323 to 383. The proposition to change the Supervisor’s term to a four year term passed. 352 to 287.

In the Village of Lyons race, Trustee seats went to Terry Vanstean (242) and Dennis Alvaro (288). Cinelli received 211 votes. Judge Forgione also lost in the Lyons Village race for Justice to Larry Hartwell 237 to 200.

In Macedon, Supervisor Bill Hammond, Town Clerk Judy Gravino, Judge Ron Reinstein, Highway Superintendent Dick Roets, and Town Councilman Paul Kenyon and Dave Maul, and Receiver of Taxes Lorie Maul, all ran unopposed.