Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Update on power outages in Wayne County

THURSDAY, Nov. 1, 2012:

There are nearly 600 RG&E customers in Wayne County still without power.
The company estimates that it could be Friday night at midnight before everyone is restored. With that in mind the Red Cross will open at least three shelters in Wayne County to assist those without power.

They will be located at: St John’s Church, 54 W. Main St., Sodus; Second Baptist Church, 3689 Main St., Walworth; Lighthouse Community Fellowship, Route 89 in South Butler.

There is a possibility there will be more shelters opening in Wolcott, Williamson and Savannah. Please call the Red Cross at (315) 331-3783.

There will be someone there to answer the phone through this outage. RG&E also has agreed to supply dry ice to those without power — the Wayne County Emergency Management office will coordinate the distribution with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross will likely be going door to door in affected areas, alerting residents.