Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Two Palmyra men jailed after drug fueled crime spree

The first reported incident occurred at 10:30 p.m. on Monday (3/18). An office chair left on a curb as garbage, crashed through the window of a house at 126 Washington Street in the Village of Palmyra. The homeowners thought someone was breaking in.

Only later, after following the trail of their exploits, did police realize how much damage two drug-fueled men had caused that night throughout the Village.

Palmyra Police Officer Dave Smith said following the tracks of the two men in the newly fallen snow became a ‘no-brainer’. “The tracks went down West Jackson Street, across Canandaigua Street behind house, the school, through the police station parking lot, behind the bowling Center to Fayette Street.” The easy trail went a distance further as more damage followed the course.

A wooden stake was shoved into the side of a house, windows were randomly smashed, even the Baptist Church fell victim to the crime spree. “There is damage all over the Village,” said a police spokesperson.

Officer Smith followed the tracks right to an apartment building at 214 East Main Street. After entering the apartment building, the two men revealed their final destination by leaving their wet shoes outside their door. Matching shoe prints with those left in the snow confirmed their identity.
Police arrested Jonathan D. Snider, (aka “Tater”), age 18 and Joseph W. Card, age 20, both residing at 425 East Main Street in the Village. They were charged with Criminal Mischief in the 3rd Degree, with more charges pending. They were arraigned and remanded to jail on $2500 cash/$3500 bond to return to Court for a preliminary hearing on April 9th.

Records show both men are unemployed. Card was arrested by the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office for a shoplifting incident at Eastview Mall in Victor two weeks ago. That charge is still pending.

According to Officer Smith, Snider and Card said they were “Snorting Triple Cs”, slang for inhaling crushed cold tablets and downing “Robo Bombs”, slang for drinking a whole bottle of Robitussin Cold Medicine. “I suspect they have done this (criminal mischief) before. They just go crazy on this stuff (drugs),” said Smith. Police were continuing to receive damage calls throughout the week.