Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Town of Macedon proposes to change Highway Superintendent position from elected to appointed position

It’s been tried before, but not successfully. The Town of Macedon, on the request of their Superintendent of Highways, Dick Roets, is proposing an appointed position for his job, rather than having it be an elected position.
Most Wayne County towns choose their Highway chiefs by nomination and election. Several years ago, the Town of Savannah attempted to change that with a proposition on the ballot. The vote went down.
According to the Supervisor Bill Hammond, Roets feels that, with all the expertise needed in the position, leaving it to the luck of the draw in an election will not necessarily put the right person in the job.
“It’s a highly technical job, involving more than just highways,” said Hammond. “We definitely need someone on the job with the proper training and qualifications. It can’t be left to chance,” said Hammond.
Roets was asked if he plans to retire soon. “It’s having too much fun,” he laughed. I have no intention of retiring any time soon.”
“Really, though, the reason I brought it up to the board at all was the budget. When I took over from Cliff (Everdyke) the Highway budget was about $700,000. With the addition of sewer and drainage as part of the job now, my budget is about $1.8 million. I think we need to protect the taxpayers. A few years of someone in the job who could not deal with that budget, would be disastrous, said Roets. “ I think the town needs an appointed position with a job description to hire the right person,” he added.
A public hearing on the proposed Local Law #2, will be held at the August 8th meeting of the Macedon Town Board at 8:00 p.m. The public is invited to comment on abolishing the elective office of Highway Superintendent and creating the appointive position.
This local law is subject to a mandatory referendum. Copies of the Local Law #2 of 2013 is available at the Macedon Town Clerk’s office.