Monday, January 16th, 2017

Tops Supermarket Proposal for Walworth moving forward

“We’ve been talking about it, discussing a plan, for Tops in Walworth for about 4 years,” said Walworth Town Supervisor Bob Plant. “It looks now like the plans are moving forward.”

Last week, representatives from JADD Development and TOPS Markets, as well as their engineers and attorneys, appeared before the Walworth Planning Board with their design concept for a 10 acre parcel adjacent to the Kwik Fill on Walworth-Penfield Road (just west of the Walworth four corners.)

A concept subdivision plan and site plan, prepared by the Marathon Engineering of Rochester was unveiled. The 10-acre parcel is zoned Business, and would include a 7 acre parcel and two out parcels for future occupancy. Specifically, the Tops Friendly Markets grocery store, would be a 42,600 square foot building with room for a future 9,600 square foot expansion. A gas station island is part of the plan, as is a 6,500 square foot retail building.

Some roadway work and traffic studies are being proposed to handle any issues with traffic flow. There would be two new curb cuts along Walworth-Penfield Road, with a two lane ingress/egress driveway on the western end of the property and three lanes (one ingress/two egress, with a median) on the eastern, across from Teresa Drive. No traffic light was mentioned.

The widening of Walworth-Penfield Road has been an issue for Walworth in the past, but Kevin Rooney, Wayne County Highway Superintendent, agreed that with the right plan, the developers could cut into their property access to widen the road for the turns. He did see an issue with some new curbing and sidewalks which had recently been installed on the north side of the road, but felt the developers should be able to address this issue.

The project, according to the Walworth Planning Board does conform with applicable codes regarding setback requirements, building coverage, green space and parking. Tops feels there is ample parking for the initial phase, with room for expansion if needed.

A traffic analysis will be performed and matters should be able to go before the Walworth Planning Board, Wayne County Planning Board and Wayne County Highway with a complete application in the months of October and November. The developers are hoping to have a “shovel in the ground” for earth moving by the end of this year, according to Supervisor Plant.

They would then aim for a Fall 2014 opening. There is, as part of the proposal, talk of a Tim Hortons or Dunkin Donuts drive through, and a Citizens Bank within the Tops store.

This is not a done deal, and site plans and hearings are still on the agenda, but commercial growth is on the horizon for Walworth.

The Walworth Tops would be just slightly smaller than the Ontario Tops Market (Ontario is 47,000 sq. ft) on Route 104. The Walworth proposal would include a dedicated water main and public sewer. Tony Evans of Orchard View Developers sold the land to JADD Developers for the Tops subdivision. His Orchard View residential communities are across the road from the proposed plaza.

Developers have told Walworth Planning Board that they do not anticipate a 24-hour store to begin with , but would like the option left on the table.

A public hearing will be set in the Town of Walworth after the Wayne County Planning Board reviews the completed site plan.