Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Three charged with Gang Assault in Newark

Damian Tatchell

The Newark Police Department reported the arrest on Wednesday (8/8) of three men in an ongoing gang assault against a 19 year old victim. (Note: Gang Assault is where 3 or more people assault another)

On Friday, June 29 of this year, the victim, 19 year old Charles R. Vanenwyck of Newark, thought he was getting a new friend when he allowed 16 year old Anthony Patterson to burn his arm with a lighted cigarette.

Later that day and into the early morning hours of June 30, Patterson, along Shawn D. Rivera-Shuler and Damian E.

Anthony Patterson

Tatchell, would find the victim in the Village and repeatedly harass and assault him by punching, stomping and kicking him in the head and body. The assaults became progressively worse and shortly after midnight on June 30, the Newark Police were called.

Vanenwyck was transported to Newark Wayne Community Hospital, suffering from multiple bruising, contusions and fractures to both eye sockets.

District Attorney Richard Healy presented the case to the Wayne County Grand Jury with warrants issued for their arrest by Wayne County Court Judge Daniel Barrett.

Charged with Gang Assault 1st, B-Felony, Gang Assault 2nd, C-Felony and Assault 2nd, D-Felony were:

Damian E. Tatchell, age 21, 415 Mason Street in Newark, who was remanded to the Wayne County Jail awaiting arraignment.
Anthony M. Patterson, age 16, 1287 Whitbeck Road in Newark was remanded to the Wayne County Jail on $20,000 cash/$40,000 bond. Additionally, Anthony M. Patterson was charged with Assault 3rd, A-Misdemeanor.

Shawn D Shuler Rivera

Shawn D. Rivera-Shuler, age 16, 510 East Union Street, Newark, was remanded to the Wayne County Jail on $10,000 cash/$20,000 bond.

Newark Police Chief David Christler states, “This Village cannot tolerate individuals who show no regard for human decency and I appreciate the hard work that was done by our Police Officers and Investigators as well as the strong support from the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office.”