Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Thefts in Macedon lead to police chase

Macedon police were just giving up pursuit of a vehicle believed to be involved in several thefts in the Macedon area, when the vehicle struck an SUV on East Main Street in Rochester, trapping all occupants.
The incident began when Cedar Liquor Storeon Route 31 in Macedon, near Walmart called Macedon Police to report that two females and a male had come into the store and had left with product, without paying. Macedon Police Officer Dave Demchuk responded and took the description of the truck, a red Ford Ranger, and searched the parking lot for the vehicle, finally decided to also look at the Walmart parking lot.
According to Macedon Police Chief John Collela, Officer Demchuk spotted the truck attempting to back out of a parking spot at Walmart and the officer flashed his lights in an attempt to get the truck to stop. It took off quickly through the parking lot heading for the southwest exit near the Lyons National Bank. Chief Colella was just making that turn when he saw the truck heading directly for him. Taking evasive action, Colella avoided the impact, but the pursuit was on. The Chief continued following the truck down Route 31, onto Route 490 and then 590, and onto East Main Street in Rochester. At that point, Chief Collela lost sight of the truck, when a tractor-trailer got between them. He stopped the pursuit, and was continuing down East Avenue near East High School, when he saw a crash scene. The red truck he was pursuing had collided with a black SUV; and the SUV was flipped over, while the truck was badly crushed.
All occupants, the three in the truck, and the occupant of the SUV had to be extricated from their respective vehicles and transported to Strong Memorial Hospital with serious, but non life- threatening injuries.
It is alleged that the truck with the shoplifters from the Liquor Store, had also shoplifted at Walmart in Macedon and had a couple of televisions in the truck. Identification of the suspects is not yet available at press time. Charges are pending for the alleged thefts and for the attempt to ram the police vehicle.


 The Town of Macedon Police are updating information related to the incident that took place on Friday, November 29th in which a shoplifting suspect attempted to flee officers and tried to ram a police patrol vehicle, and ultimately resulted in the crash into another vehicle on Main Street in the City of Rochester.

The Driver / suspect of the red Ford Ranger truck that refused to stop for Officers was Charles S. Domicello, age 48, of Rochester. Domicello has an extensive criminal history with violence and weapons, and unknown to the police at the time has an extensive history of fleeing from Law Enforcement.

Domicello is facing the following charges in the Town of Macedon:

Fleeing a Police Officer in the 2nd Degree (felony)
Reckless Endangerment 1st Degree (felony)
Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd Degree (felony)
Burglary 2nd Degree (felony) (due to third party injured while fleeing)
Reckless Endangerment 2nd Degree (misd)
Petit Larceny (misd)
Resisting Arrest (misd)
Unlawful Possession of Marijuana
Reckless Driving (misd)
Speeding 80/55
Failure to stop at red light

(In addition, police drew blood as Domicello is suspected to have been under the influence of narcotics at the time of the accident. Further charges are pending)

Also in the suspect vehicle was Jessica A. Cuthbert, age 29, of Rochester. Cuthbert is facing the following charges:

Burglary 2nd Degree (felony- due to a third party injured while fleeing)
Petit Larceny

Also in the suspect vehicle was Angela j. Urso, age 46, of Rochester. Urso is facing the following charges:

Burglary 2nd Degree (felony- due to a third party injured while fleeing)
Petit Larceny

All three suspects are currently admitted at Strong Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. All three will be immediately arraigned in the Town of Macedon Court upon their release from the hospital.

The name of the injured third party civilian will have to be obtained from the Rochester Police Department as they have the information from the accident report.