Monday, January 16th, 2017

The strange case involving Daniel Burkwit

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office received a strange call back on Monday, October 22. A man called to report that he had encountered his neighbor, Daniel Burkwit, age 50, of 6585 Bonnie Castle Road in the Town of Huron. The neighbor asked Burkwitt where his mother, Marcia Burkwit, age 75, was since he had not seen her in a while.

The answer to the question shocked the inquisitive neighbor. Burkwit told the neighbor he found his mother dead at the bottom of the cellar steps and that he panicked and did not know what to do. He then told the neighbor he dragged his mother’s body into the woods and buried her. The neighbor immediately called police.

Deputies found the body in the nearby woods covered with leaves. Police took Daniel into custody, but released him after questioning. He was, however, arrested the next day for Trespass and Harassment involving the neighbor.
Marcia Burkwit’s body was reportedly taken to the Willard Scott Funeral Home in Webster, where services were held for the family.

The Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office determined Marcia Burkwit died of a broken neck. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating whether the broken neck was consistent with a possible fall down the cellar steps.
The Times has learned that Daniel Burkwit made a statement to a relative: “You made me live with that witch, I had to kill her.” Daniel has since obtained a lawyer and refused to further cooperate with police.

Daniel has a police record including Driving While Intoxicated and Passing Counterfeit Money, along with some minor arrests. Records indicate he was released from the Collins Correctional Facility in 1999 after serving over two years for a second DWI conviction in Ontario County. He was described by sources as a “odd” man who lived with his mother and possibly had mental problems.

“The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as a suspicious death,” said Chief Deputy Robert Hetzke, who refused any further comment.