Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

A ‘self-taught’ tattoo artist is facing two counts of Unlawfully Dealing With a Child in the 2nd Degree after State Police received a call from an angry mother. The woman had reportedly been gone on vacation and upon her return discovered her 15 year-old son had a quarter of his back covered with a tattoo drawing of praying hands.

According to State Police Investigator John Stubbe, reports of teens getting tattoos without a parent’s permission had been reported in the Clyde-Savannah School District area. He was unable to confirm reports without teens, or their parents coming forward. There had also been reports of ‘tattoo parties’.

Following his investigation into the mother’s complaint, Investigator Stubbe found another 16 year-old teen who had about half his torso tattooed with what he described as a “crooked basketball and some writing.” “It looked pretty bad,” said the investigator. The tattoo ‘artist’ had reportedly tried to do some touch-up and a second sitting with the 16 year-old.

On Saturday (3/24) State Police in Lyons arrested Raymond Sepulveda, age 34, of 163 Waterloo Street in Clyde. Sepulveda, who reportedly works at Parkin Hanifin, was reportedly charging about $50 per tattoo.

Under New York State Penal Code §260.20, a person may be charged with Unlawfully Dealing With a Child in the 2nd Degree if; He marks the body of a child less that eighteen years old with indelible ink or pigments by means of tattooing. It is a Class B Misdemeanor.

Sepulveda has no prior criminal history. He was released on appearance tickets for Galen Town Court on April 4th.

If anyone else has information concern other underage persons receiving unauthorized tattoos, they are asked to call Investigator Stubbe at (315) 946-3044.