Monday, January 16th, 2017

Surprise sudden storm causes damage in Gananda area

They had predicted a possible thunderstorm and heavy rains, but nothing like the weather that hit the Gananda community on Tuesday evening. Heavy winds and rain did indeed hit western Wayne County, but is was believed to have created a micro-burst that wreaked havoc, causing downed trees and interruption in cable and electrical services.

Power was out in parts of Walworth and Time Warner Cable was out until early Wednesday morning in some areas.

A large tree fell across Waterford Road, the main roadway through Gananda, a western Wayne County development comprised of sections of both Macedon and Walworth.

One tree was a direct hit on the house at 3363 Wildflower Drive, causing considerable damage. Another downed tree fell on two cars parked in the driveway of 3622 Wildflower Drive, blowing out the windows on a 2008 vehicle and covering and damaging the other vehicle.

Ironically, just a half mile in either direction, heavy but brief rains fell without the fierce winds believed to be a micro burst.