Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Supervisors Sign Off on Hotchkiss Building-Return Grant Money, hear unique Smoking Cessation Presentation

At the Tuesday night (3/15/11) Board of Supervisor’s meeting, several presentations began the meeting.

A Proclamation of Achievement from the Board of Supervisors was presented to Michael Williams by Supervisor Brian Manktelow for Michael’s achievements in Skiing. In the Fingerlakes Alpine League, Michael was undefeated in the Slalom and named the League’s Overall Alpine Champion. He was Section V Alpine Champion and placed third in the New York State Alpine Champions Giant Slalom. Michael is a student at Lyons Central.

Ryan Mulheran from the United Way of Wayne County, reminded the Supervisors that this year’s goal for United Way is set at $840,000. He noted that many of the organizations that the United Way supports are very rural and hometown entities, such as local Girl Scouts troops, and local community centers. “I am very involved and attached to my community and town of Marion, and my county,” said Mulheran. “My message is that, if it is possible, I encourage everyone to please contribute. Let’s see Wayne County set an example as a leader in Advocacy.”

John Sorbello, President of the Wayne County Farm Bureau invited the Supervisors to Elvi Farms in Arcadia in April to take a tour and discuss new and interesting changes in farming in Wayne County. He also mentioned that March is Membership Month and encouraged everyone with an interest in local agriculture to consider joining.

A presentation to the Board from Dr. Ralph Madeb, a urologist and Chief of Surgery at Newark Wayne Hospital elaborated on a Special Clinic for Smoking Cessation. Dr. Madeb and his assistant Evelyn Rice, were making the presentation in hopes that the board would consider alloting some of the Tobacco Settlement money the County receives, to this special health care program.

Slides and discussion centered on the science that bladder cancer patients are at higher risk of recurrence of their cancer if they continue to smoke after detection. Smokers are also more likely to get bladder cancer than non smokers. As a health practitioner, Dr. Madeb and his staff have done everything in their power to treat their bladder cancer patients with counseling, smoking cessation classes, clinics, distribution of nicotine patches and gum, certain medicines, hypnosis, “whatever it takes” to help them conquer the addiction and have a better quality of life,” said Madeb, with a passion.
With monitoring, it was noted that there was a 25% drop in reoccurence of the cancer, with smoking cessation.
Dr. Madeb was questioned by the supervisors if he was asking for money and if so how much?

“I certainly am seeking funds, although I am already doing the clinics and education. I hope to work with the County in conjunction with multi-disciplines in health care – public health, the hospital, etc. ,” said Dr. Madeb.

When asked what the desired appropriation might be, Madeb concluded that any help the County could give would be appreciated and extremely beneficial. He felt that $20,000 would be good start to test the ability of the program. “We already provide so much, it would add to it.” He stated that he realized there were other people and programs currently being funded, but that all could work in unison. “This is an opportunity to partner to help with behavioral health, and become a model for the health industry,” said Dr. Madeb. He thanked the supervisors for hearing his request and the nature of the work being done, and to be done.

In other news at the meeting, the Board passed a resolution to terminate the Hotchkiss Building Project and authorize the return of grant awards, including $418,000 to the US Federal Highway Administration, $224,787 to the NYS Canal Corporation Erie Canal Greenways Grant, and $75,000 to the NYS Environmental Protection Fund Grant. The Village of Lyons has agreed to take title of the Hotchkiss Building, but did not accept the transfer to the above grants.

The Board of Supervisors also authorized termination of the Hotchkiss Building Design Agreement with Saratoga Associates.