Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Stolen truck out of Macedon leads to bigger case in Orleans County

The Country Construction Company located on the Monroe-Orleans County Line Road in Orleans County, was hired to truck the dirt and debris away from the new gas station/ convenience store being built at the corner of Routes 31 and 350 in the Village of Macedon.
One of the Company employees, Jeffery Paul, age 39, residing in the Village of Holley, was working at the Macedon site when he spotted a 26 foot Freight-liner truck once belonging to the Paul T. Fruend Company for sale at the next door lot at Macedon Collision.

Jeffery, the son of Country Construction owner, David Paul, age 72, went back to see and inspect the truck on Saturday (3/24). Police said Jeffery spent about an hour and a half inspecting the truck accompanied by his girlfriend. Before leaving, Jeffery left his first name and a cell phone number where he could be reached.

Sometime between Tuesday (3/27 and Wednesday (3/28) night, the truck was stolen. Armed with a suspicion and Jeffery’s cell phone number, Macedon Police officer Ed O’Konsky was able to track the full identification of Jeffery. Officer O’Konsky called Orleans County Sheriff Investigator Corey Black with his suspicion of who possibly took the $10,000 truck.

Investigator Black was familiar with the Paul family and their massive 77 acre compound where the family lives and works. By chance, a State Police helicopter, assigned to look or a missing City of Rochester girl, was scheduled to be airborne on Thursday afternoon. Black asked the helicopter to do a flyover of the compound.

The helicopter crew spotted the stolen truck being buried by a bulldozer and was able to take pictures. Police summarized that Jeffery was worried police might track the truck to the family business.

The Orleans County Sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant and late Thursday (3/29) began a search of the property. As dark began to fall, the property was secured by police and an extensive search involving multiple agencies began in earnest on Friday morning.
Police knew they would find the stolen Macedon truck, but what they discovered was a treasure trove of stolen construction vehicles including a stolen car out of the Town of Irondequoit, a stolen backhoe out of the Town of Greece in 2010 and another stolen in 2006 in the Town of Gates. The Gates backhoe was dismantled and the VIN identification numbers had been removed. The value of the stolen vehicles exceeds $100,000.

Investigator Black said charges are pending against the Pauls as the investigation continues. He said there was no hurry and the Pauls are now cooperating with police. According to O’Konsky, Macedon is more than willing to allow Orleans County to handle all the charges in the case.

The stolen vehicles are impounded at a Orleans County Sheriff site.