Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Series of business burglaries in the Village of Lyons solved

On Monday (8/29) and Tuesday of this week, as several merchants opened their places of business in the Village of Lyons they noticed there seemed to be something wrong. One by one, several of the merchants contacted 911 to report they had been burglarized.

Lyons Police determined a connection on these entries. The businesses had been entered by prying an entry door and stealing property that presented itself as valuable, accessible and easy to carry off. The burglars did their best to secure the premises behind themselves and to cover up the loss of property. As police began to track down leads, more businesses became aware of the alert and realized they too had been victimized.
On Wednesday morning 8/31, Lyons Police got the break they needed when they were alerted to a suspicious transaction at Lyons Bank. A man cashed in coins stolen in one of the business burglaries. Bank security quickly assisted and provided evidence needed to identify a suspect.

By Wednesday evening, Lyons Police had a person in custody. Arrested and charged with four counts of Burglary in the Third degree was Joshua M. Lauder, age 19, of 116 Phelps Street in the Village of Lyons.

Police also recovered a quantity of property taken in the burglaries. Louder was arraigned in front of Lyons Village Justice Nicholas Forgoine. On the recommendation of Wayne County District Attorney Rick Healy, he was committed to Wayne County Jail in lieu of $ 10,000 cash, $20,000 bail bond.
Lyons Police Chief Richard Bogan said,” We have been fortunate during the summer months in that we have had little or no night time burglaries. Out night patrol is very conscious on building checks. They usually detect the slightest “out of the ordinary” detail. These suspects were very careful to cover up evidence of their unauthorized entries.”

Police are continuing their investigation and expect the arrest of persons associated with Mr. Louder, persons that have been involved in these burglaries and thefts. Police are also looking at some “cold” cases that have similarities to this weekend’s entries.