Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Seeing Double in Marion

Third Grade Class at Marion Elementary Boasts Five sets of twins










What does Noah’s Arc and Marion Elementary School have in common? Marion’s third grade class this year is bringing the children in two-by-two. It turns out that, beginning in Kindergarden classes at Marion, FIVE sets of twins have shared a class. They also share quite a friendship.

Sandy Lonneville, mother of twins Jason and Jon, shared that in Pre-K, four of the sets of twins (16 children) made up over half the entire class.

Heather Graves Markham, mother of twins Colin and Heath, became close friends with Amy Kier, mother of Benjamin and Hayden, when the moms shared traded child care with each other.

Twin support, both between the family sets and among the whole group is big.

Second grade teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Sergeant reported on her interaction with the multiple twins last year. “I remember that when I had Audrey Sloane in my classroom, as soon as the class was dismissed she ran to seek out her twin Ashley right away. They are their own best friends.”

Introducing the 8-year old twin sets:

  • Benjamin & Hayden Kier, sons of Amy and Chris Kier
  • Hannah & Abigail Milford, daughters of Beth Milford
  • Colin & Heath Graves Markham, sons of Heather and Adam Graves Markham
  • Ashley & Audrey Sloane, daughters of Melissa and David Sloane; and
  • Jason & Jonathan Lonneville, sons of Sandy & Jeffrey Lonneville.

The Sloane twins are always delighted to play together, and are sometimes competitive. The 8 years have two older siblings, Kristen (age 15, a junior at the Middle/High School) and Megan (who is in college at MCC). Both older girls helped a lot in raising the young twins, according to their mom, Melissa. “Ashley is very outgoing and physical. She loves playing sports – soccer. Audrey is more artsy – she loves to draw and color.” They dressed alike when they were younger, but not always now, according to Melissa.

As for the Lonneville boys, Jason and Jon, although they are not identical, their mother, Sandy has always tried to help people tell them apart by dressing them in different colors (red and blue). They are in separate classrooms, so they do not necessarily try to fool their teacher as to which is which, except one time in Summer Recreation, when they told a coach their names were the opposite. “Jason is very loving and caring. He has a strong attitude, is a avid outdoors person and loves music and legos. Jon is really into sports – he plays soccer, basketball and baseball and says that his goal is to try every sports (He even practices his golf swing indoors),” reports their mom, Sandy. “They do not fight, according to their mom, and “are best friends.”

Hannah is the “dramatic” one, says her mom Beth Milford of the second born of her two twins. Hannah always has a smile. “She is the go-to girl for making people smile. She has tons of energy and is very aware of everything that goes on around her, said her mom. “My Abigail is very compassionate. She seems to feel your pain or your excitement and can offer to help you before you ask. Her mom also credit her with “so much energy!” She notes that her girls adore each other and always are together. When asked about matching outfits, Beth said that, with twins you always double your wardrobe. They just share their clothes, and are very independent. The girls also have an 11 year old brother Justin, who is in the 6th grade in Marion.

The next set of twins are Hayden and Benjami Kier. Their mother Amy describes the boys as very different, they look different, and dress differently, and she does not have trouble telling them apart. “Hayden likes to hang out with his Dad a lot, while Ben and I do crafts. The boys are very good friends with the Lonneville twins, Jon and Jason. “Both my boys are very outgoing and a little crazy,” says Amy. The twins have tow older siblings, 7th grader Jordan and 6th grader Abbey.

Collin and Heath are the twin sons of Heather and Adam Graves Markham. They also have an 11 year old sister, Ada in 6th grade at Marion. Both Collin and Heath befriended the Lonneville and Kier twins in Kindergarten, and since. Mom Heather tells that the boys are very adamant about not being “alike”. As identical twins, they struggle with their identities and do not like to be confused with each other. She has found that giving them different haircuts helps everyone to tell them apart. “I even had buzz cuts on them during the soccer season with their initials cut into them,” Heather laughed. Colin loves to play his Wii games, draws, plays piano and drums, is good at math, and wants to be a hockey player. This winter he will try his skills for the first time on skates, and that will determine his hockey career, according to his Mom. Heath loves to wrestle, and ski. He plays soccer, also love math, and plays the piano and drums.

One small downfall with the twin phenomenon is what Heather Graves Markham calls “twin support”. It can be a good thing — but when it comes to considering doing something naughty, the other is always there to egg you on.