Monday, January 16th, 2017

Proposed Macedon rail spur to cut back truck traffic complaints

omplaints over the years have highlighted the heavy truck traffic along Routes 21, 31 and 31F, travelling through Manchester, Palmyra and Macedon. Loud noise, smells, potential accidents and even road wear and tear have all been complaints. Communities concerned about large trucks heading towards the Perinton/Macedon High Acres Landfill may be pleased with the news. As techniques for handling waste have improved, along with the High Acres expansion close to the already existing CSX line in Macedon, truck traffic will wane as more and more haulers see the cost savings of shipping by rail.

According to a presentation made to the Macedon Town Board by Waste Management, the owners of the High Acres Landfill, each 40 car train removes about 150 long haul trucks from the road. The fully containerized, large specially designed rail cars will cause less litter from escaping trucks, including water runoff seen on many trucks hauling waste materials and fewer odors along routes.
According to Waste Management Public Affairs representative Jenna Amering, once fully implemented, the landfill expects to receive 40 filled rail cars of refuse up to three times a week, staying within the allowable amount of material the landfill is licensed to receive.

Amering also stated that with the 3 line spur that actually begins in the Town of Perinton, a train can be diverted off the main line to a delivery spur, waste cars unloaded and moved to a pick-up line after they are emptied and the materials are inspected for possible unacceptable waste. All this can be done without a conflict to existing road/rail crossings.

At the presentation made at the Macedon Board meeting held on Thursday (2/28) Waste Management asked the Town of Macedon to be the lead agency for the proposed parallel rail spur.

Amering emphasized that, with the train spur, NTDEC and town permitted capacity and operating conditions would not change.

Macedon Supervisor Bill Hammond said the Board will now set a public hearing for public input. “So far I have received positive input. The rails would eliminate a lot of truck traffic and is a positive on making the landfill more green friendly for the environment.” said Hammond.