Monday, January 16th, 2017

Palmyra Town Supervisor: “There is no excusing my behavior and I am offering no excuse.”

In a statement before Thursday night’s Palmyra Board meeting, Town Supervisor Ken Miller made a statement concerning his arrest. Miller was involved in a one vehicle accident on Sunday (8/21), just after 10a.m. According to State Police, Miller, age 54, of 1981 Maple Avenue in Palmyra drove his pick up, towing a camper, left the roadway and struck two signs at the Clifton Springs service area of the Thruway.

Miller was subsequently arrested for Driving While Intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .23% and will appear in Manchester Town Court on September 7th.

“Fellow board members, concerning recent events, I have a brief statement to make.
• First of all, I am aware that I have let all of you down. I am sorry.
• By “all of you,” I mean not only this honorable Board, but every citizen of Palmyra.
• There is no excusing my behavior and I am offering no excuse.
• I recognize what I did was wrong. It set a horrible example for anyone involved in public service.
• I have always served our town to the very best of my abilities and you have my promise that I will continue to do so as your supervisor.
• I have personal issues that I must deal with and I have already made arrangements with the necessary professionals to begin the process of moving forward.
• I would like to thank the Board for the opportunity to make this statement. We are here to transact Town business, and we will begin by calling the meeting to order..”

Miller said that, with the death of his wife two years ago, and his health problems, he just exchanged one problem with another problem.

Miller also called all his fellow Board of Supervisor members and extended his apologies. He faces loss of his license, court ordered counseling, hefty fines and attorney fees.