Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Palmyra man finds out he was tailgating the wrong car

It all began when Wayne County District Attorney Rick Healy was on his way home with his wife, on Saturday (5/18) evening, from Monroe County, headed east on Route 31. A driver behind Healy’s vehicle began tailgating, almost hitting the DA’s car.
As the two vehicles crossed over into Wayne County, Healy called 911, only to find out there was no nearby police vehicle to respond. “He almost hit me several times,” recalled Wayne County’s top prosecutor.

Healy finally pulled to the side of the road at Yellow Mills Road in Macedon, but followed the driver until he pulled into the Sunoco convenience store in Palmyra. The driver exited his vehicle and the District Attorney, determined the driver was not driving any further, waited by the suspect’s car.

Just as the driver exited the store with a six back of beer, a Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived followed by a Palmyra Police officer.

The driver, Timothy J. Amos, age 49, of 375 Faas Road in Palmyra was taken into custody. He initially blew a .23% on a breath field test, but refused to submit to a blood alcohol test.

Amos was charged with Felony DWI, Consumption of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle, Failure to Maintain Lane, and Following To Closely.

A record check showed Amos has a long history of alcohol driving arrests, beginning in the City of Rochester back in 1983; again in Williamson in 1988; another in Macedon in 1991; a 1993 felony DWI in Monroe County, Town of Irondequoit; another felony in in 1993 in Palmyra; and the last one in 2003 in the Town of Manchester, Ontario County.

Amos spent time in state prison from 2004 to 2008. He was remanded to jail on $5000 cash, but bailed himself out. The case will go to a Wayne County Grand Jury in June.