Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Palmyra man found dead, pinned under truck/plow

Wayne County 911 dispatch received a call on Friday afternoon from a brother located out-of-state, concerning a Palmyra man they had not heard from in over a week. State Trooper Jennifer VanCamp was dispatched to the Maple Avenue residence. Upon arriving  she saw nothing suspicious and got no response at the door. A package was sitting on the doorstep and mail had been piling up for over a week.

VanCamp began looking around the property and in the driveway a bright colored item peaked out from the heavy snowfall of the day. Located next to a mini-dump truck plow, the Trooper looked under the vehicle and found the body of Gary Grimes, age 54.

According to police, Grimes had apparently been working under the vehicle on ramps that a vehicle drives up upon when someone is working underneath. “The vehicle must have rolled off the ramps and crushed him,” said State Police Senior Investigator John Stubbe. “No one noticed him. He must have been there at least a week.”

Police do not suspect foul play and have deemed it an accident. Relatives out-of-state were notified of the find.