Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Online gamer couldn’t pause, takes frustration out on 4 year-old handicapped child

Adam M. Rosenbauer

State Police Investigators in Wolcott reported the arrest on Saturday (1/7) of Adam M. Rosenbauer, age 22, of Hope Circle in the Town of Huron.

Rosenbauer was charged with two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Assault in the 3rd Degree and Harassment in the 2nd Degree.

Police responded to a call from the child’s mother, Rosenbauer’s girlfriend. It is alleged that Rosenbauer became upset with the child when the child’s cries interrupted his online X-Box game that he could not pause. He reportedly grabbed the child by the wrists and squeezed, leaving bruises on the disabled child. When initially questioned about the incident, Rosenbauer told police and signed a written statement that the boy had fallen. After additional questioning, Rosenbauer admitted he grabbed the child in anger and frustration, causing the bruising. Upon further questioning he admitted similar incidents four or five times over the past six months. He also admitted he had grabbed and squeezed his and his girlfriend’s own 18 month old baby by the wrists and waist and squeezed that child as well several times.

Rosenbauer cannot read, or write and is transported by ARC to his job. He was arraigned and released to reappear in Huron Town Court on January 23rd.