Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

November candidates coming into focus

The Caucuses and Primaries are over in Wayne County. If you missed your local vote for candidates (shame on you), here is a summary of who’s on the ballot locally for the November 8th election.

In County elections, only the District Attorney position is up this year. Current DA Rick Healy has the endorsement of both the Republican and Conservative parties.

For Supervisor, the Democrats have put up former Supervisor Joe DeSanto, and the Republicans are supporting incumbent Dick Colacino. For Town Clerk, current Clerk Diane Allerton is unopposed. Two council seats will be sought by incumbents: Brenda Westcott with the Democrat nod, and Gary McIlwain with Republican backing. Although, Kathleen Benzel was backed by the Democrats for a Council seat vacancy, she declined and the seat remains vacant. Incumbent Highway Superintendent David K. Harder is running unopposed and is backed by the Democrats.

No one is opposing Supervisor Dave Spickerman, Sr. in the town of Butler. He is on the Republican line. Clerk Robin Jeremenko on the Republican line is also unopposed. Incumbents Eugene VanDeusen and Duane VanGelder will also be on the Republican line for Council seats with no one else vying for their seats. In the Highway Superintendent race, Incumbent Edward Reitz (Republican) will be challenged by Richard Lee Kyle on the “Butler Pride” line.

It’s quite a race for Supervisor in the Town of Galen with three candidates. Incumbent Steve Groat (Republican/Progress Party) will face Andre D’Amato on the Democratic and “For the People” line, and Leo Jenkins (former Supervisor) on the “People Party” line. Town Clerk Norma Lancaster will run unopposed, cross-endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans. Town Justice Lester Carr Sr. will run on the Democratic and Republican lines also, as well as the “Pride In Galen” line. For two Town Council seats, Richard Donselaar will run for a seat again, as will Noreen E. Kanaley (former Town Clerk) and William Delperdange. Noreen has the backing of the Democrats and Republicans, Bill is backed by the Republicans and the Pride in Galen party. Current Highway Superintendent Paul Plucinik, on the Democrat &Republican lines, will face Kyle W. Pangburn on the “It is Time for A Change” line.

The seats for Supervisor (Laurie Crane) two council seats (Alan Traister, Russell Teeple) and two assessors seats (Dave Scudder, Judi Buckalew) are unopposed. A vacancy for a 2 year Assessor seat will be sought by Colleen Scudder. The Superintendent of Highways seat, a 2 year vacancy is being sought by Richard Reyn.

The Town of Lyons Supervisor Brian Manktelow will run unopposed backed by the Republican party. The Republicans will back Nicholas Forgione again for Town Justice, while the Democrats endorsed Larry Hartwell for the open seat. Two Council seats are open, with incumbent Dan LaGasse seeking one, and Ralph D’Amato seeking another. Both are on the Republican line.