Monday, January 16th, 2017

No Manslaughter charge for Burkwit, Grand Jury indicts him for Tampering with Evidence

A Wayne County Grand Jury passed down an indictment on Friday (1/18) charging Daniel C. Burkwit, age 50, a Town of Huron man, with Tampering With Evidence.

Burwit could have faced a Manslaughter charge involving the death of his mother, Marcia Burkwit, age 75, back in October of 2012. He was arrested on the charge on December 9th.

The woman’s body was reportedly found by Daniel at the bottom of the cellar of the home where Daniel had been living with the woman at the time of her death.

Instead of calling police, Daniel dragged his mother’s body about a mile out behind the home in a wooded area and covered the body with leaves.

Daniel admitted he moved the body to a neighbor, who then contacted police. Several days after the incident, Burkwit, a convicted felon, was charged with Trespass and Harassment in the 2nd Degree, both violations, for allegedly hassling the neighbor regarding the 911 call. Following those charges, he moved to Syracuse.

The grand Jury refused to believe the testimony of one of Burkwit’s cell mates who testified that Daniel told him, “I’m sorry I killed my mom, she was my only friend”

With the Tampering charge, Daniel Burkwit could face a maximum 2-4 years in prison if convicted.