Sunday, September 24th, 2017

A night of crack cocaine with seven week-old baby in the car

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts admitted this was a “complicated case”. At 4:49 a.m. on Monday, 911 received a call of a possible robbery around the area of the Palmyra Post office and Dunkin Donut shop on East Main Street in the Village of Palmyra.

When deputies arrived, Denise Roller and William Bordner, residing at 75 South Main Street in the Town of Manchester, claimed that a vehicle operated by David N. Pinaire, age 27 and Keilah L. Hart, age 27, of 4097 Circle Drive in Williamson, tried to run them over ,following a dispute.

It all began when Hart stole checks from her grandfather, Howard Sarquist and from the closed account of Howard’s wife who had died in 2016.

The pregnant Hart and her fiancé Pinaire, moved in with Sarquist about four months ago. Since then, the couple had a seven week-old son together.

Sarquist noted about $2000 in discrepancies in his account over time, after reviewing his bank statements. This led to the discovery that his granddaughter was forging and depositing his deceased wife’s stolen checks into his debit account then withdrawing money. In statements to police, the grandfather said he knew his granddaughter and Pinaire were on drugs, even though they stated they were not.

On Sunday night Hart and Pinaire took Sarquist’s truck and admitted that they drove up to Rochester with the seven week-old child in tow and had been smoking crack cocaine. After the money and drugs ran out they drove back to Williamson.
In her statement to police, Hart wrote that her grandfather (Sarqusit) “Got mad because we had his truck and he told us to leave…”. They ended up taking a friend, Jessica Rogers’ vehicle and drove to the Town of Manchester, where, with more stolen checks, they picked up Roller, who would deposit them into an account and withdraw money through an ATM bank machine. Roller told Hart she couldn’t do the transaction, but her friend, William Bordner could.

The plan was to have Bordner deposit the two forged/stolen checks for $260 each into his debit account at the Community Bank in the Village of Palmyra, withdraw the funds, keep $60 and give Hart and Pinaire the rest of the money.

When Bordner’s account showed a negative balance and would not accept the checks, an argument ensued. Bordner and Roller began to run away, allegedly with Pinaire in pursuit in the vehicle.

In his statement, Pinaire admitted that he and Hart were doing crack cocaine with their baby in the car. He told police he had no intent to run the couple over, but was only trying to give Bordner his ATM card back.

Pinaire, Hart and Rogers drove back to Williamson where the car was stopped by State Police and they were turned over to Sheriff’s Deputies.

Hart was subsequently arrested for Petit Larceny for the theft of the checks, Felony Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree for forging the stolen checks. She was also charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child for admitting to smoking crack cocaine in the presence of the baby.

Pinaire was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree for attempting to hit Roller with the car.

Pinaire was arraigned and remanded to jail on $250 cash/$500 bond. He bailed out within hours of his incarceration. Hart was released on her own recognizance. Both will reappear in Palmyra Village Court on May 9th. Child Protective Services was notified.

Roller, Bordner and Rogers were released without charges. A family member reportedly has custody of the baby and Child Protective Services is monitoring the situation.

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts said there was only residue on the crack pipe officers found, resulting in no drug charges being placed against Pinaire and Hunt. The Sheriff’s Office also stated that since they did not observe Pinaire driving the vehicle, there can not be Driving-While-Ability-Impaired-Drugs charges filed.

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    Take the baby away and put up for adoption. put both in make sure they can’t have anymore children