Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Newark woman tries to eat man’s face, then takes bites out of boyfriend’s chest and armpit

Police believe it may have been a combination of Cocaine and Crystal Meth that set off Lindie A. Stewart on a biting rampage.

On Sunday (5/8) at 11:18 p.m., Newark Police responded to a disturbance at 421 Madison Street in the Village of Newark. A friend of Stewart, Michael Maricle, was observed by police holding down Stewart in the driveway of the residence.

Stewart’s boyfriend, Rocky Rouse, arrived upon the scene after he was alerted to the incident by his mother. In his statement to police Rouse wrote: “Michael was holding Lindie down on the driveway and was bleeding from his face. I went to grab Lindie to restrain her. I asked Michael what was happening and he said Lindie began biting his neck and was trying to eat his face and chin. I then watched the policeman place Michael in handcuffs and then he quickly came over to help me. While I was holding Lindie, she began biting me in the center of my chest and my armpit which caused me to experience pain and discomfort. Lindie was yelling that she loved me and she won’t let them do this to me. She also said she is taking Alice to the Moon and that she would kill. She also kept saying lol lol lol. As the policeman was putting the handcuffs on Lindie, she grabbed the policeman and attempted to bite him in his face. The policeman was able to fend off Lindie and was finally got her in handcuffs.”

Stewart, age 37, of 5096 Route 31 in Newark was taken to Newark Wayne Hospital for evaluation. She was released and arrested on warrants for two counts of Assault in the 3rd Degree, arraigned and remanded to jail on $1000 cash/$2000 bond. She is scheduled to reappear in Newark Court on May 18th

  • Anne Perez

    They let her OUT?!!!

  • Jewel Hall

    Shes not a bad person she just made a bad decision.

    • Exare

      Yeah, she chose to chew off somebody’s face. Just a bad decision, that’s all.

      • Laurie S

        Yes it is wrong what she did. Adding her to the jail population wont solve anything, unless she chooses to not get help and then perhaps she should be detoxed, then put into general population.

      • fuck names

        I think you are implying that she wasn’t high when she did this.

  • Laurie S

    She’s an ill minded person,she should have been sent to Park Ridge and evaluated. It’s scary the disease of addiction. Addiction will rob your mind, body & soul. People who are active in their disease, are like possessed by evil. It’s very sad. My prayers go out those affected by her in one way or another, but she should have gone there sedated, and then detoxed.

  • Ojeh Anthony E
  • fuck names

    —-My reaction