Monday, January 16th, 2017

New Ontario Fire substation means lower insurance rates

While many towns have the advantage of multiple fire departments, the Town of Ontario, with the second largest population in the County, is being served by the Ontario Fire Department located at 6160 Walter Cone Drive off Ridge Road and the Union Hill Fire Department, located at 70 Ridge Road, serving parts of Webster and Ontario on the west.
That leaves a large section of Ontario outside the five road mile reach for rapid fire response recommended by the ISO (Insurance Service Office). Sections of the Town of Ontario, such as the large Furnaceville Development, located in the northeast corner of the Town feel the brunt of the five mile rule with much higher fire insurance rates. While covered sections enjoy an average 4 rating, the outside areas are rated a 10, the highest rating, by the ISO. The recent move by the ISO to change ratings gave more impetus for a sub-station construction. The ISO last performed a town wide evaluation in the 1990s, according to firefighter Aaron Thompson.

The Ontario Fire Department received a 3.3 acre parcel through a donation in the 1970s. Located at 1847 Brickchurch Road, the donated land was “A perfect spot” to build a two-truck bay sub-st tion, according to Thompson.

The 3300 square foot pre-engineered steel building, being constructed by Nicoletta Builders, will cost a total of $1.2 million dollars, with the Department bonding $980,000.

According to contractor Frank Nicoletta Jr., the building will hopefully be ready before December with the Department moving in sometime at the beginning of 2013.

The new sub-station will be manned by approximately 18 volunteer firefighters, all of whom reside on the north side of Route 104. One of the Department’s older trucks, E-77 will be assigned to the sub-station and Department officials said it should be replaced with a newer truck within the next several years.

The immediate result of the opening of the Brickchurch Road sub-station will be quicker response times to the northeast quadrant, including the Ginna Nuclear Plant located on nearby Lake Road.