Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Meet The Candidates – Contested Supervisor Races


Democratic candidate for Ontario Town Supervisor

molinoA lifelong resident of Ontario, I was raised on the family farm on Knickerbocker Road. After graduating from Wayne Central, I earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University plus postgraduate work at both Cornell and the U of R.

Throughout my career, I have worked in agriculture, education, business and local and county government. I am familiar with the challenges and rewards of each. For 24 years, I worked at B&L Slocum. When Bill Slocum was elected Superintendent of Highways, I started Ontario Excavating where I worked for many residents. I have first-hand experience with highway, water, sewer, and drainage projects.

I am running for town supervisor because I believe Ontario’s future is in jeopardy. I am concerned about the decisions and actions of the current town board. A major issue is the proposed tax increase for 2014, most recently 16%. This has occurred because the town board did not develop long-term budgets or financial plans. Taxpayer dollars must be wisely and equitably spent. Public safety should be our top priority- funding must be provided for roads, drainage, bridges, fire and ambulance. If elected, as fiscal officer I will scrutinize budgets to find reductions and improve efficiency. The town board will begin long term financial planning to avoid future large tax increases. I will encourage more cooperation and interaction among all employees. All employees will be treated fairly and with respect. All department heads will be responsible for planning and completion of specific projects, saving both time and expense.

I believe that transparency and communication are very important. While campaigning, residents have expressed frustration about unresolved issues and the lack of responsiveness of our town board and officials.
I will provide the leadership to listen, address, and resolve citizen concerns which have been ignored. Citizen involvement and input will always be welcome.

I will write monthly reports to keep residents informed. Town officials are elected to provide both leadership and services to residents.

My running mates – Roger Legg, Jim Switzer & Donna Burolla – will work to provide much needed change. As a team, we possess the experience and knowledge to secure Ontario’s future. As a former county supervisor, I can quickly develop positive relationships with all county departments and officials. I respectfully request your support of our team on November 5th. Vote Row A…All the Way.


Republican candidate for Ontario Town Supervisor

smithMy name is John Smith and I reside with my wife Erin on Lakeside Rd. in the Town of Ontario. I am the Republican and independent line “Ontario’s Future” candidate for Supervisor of Ontario. I was born and raised in the southern tier and eventually moved to Ontario in 1986.

Shortly after college I found myself working at the University of Rochester which led to a career with the Rochester Police Department. I moved up through the ranks to Lieutenant having worked street patrol, investigations, community services, and my last assignment as commanding officer of the Special Events Section. My duties included significant budget management, planning and command of major public events, interpretation and compliance with labor agreements, and contract management with promoters and large companies. After 26 years, a lot of long days and nights, and significant loss of hair, it was time to move on. I enjoyed my career and am grateful to be in a position to again serve the public.

It is abundantly clear that many of our politicians no longer serve the public. Self-interest, private interests, and just plain uncaring behavior seem to rule the day. We are fortunate on the local, county, and regional levels to have representatives still willing to carry out the people’s work. Most have not forgotten their roots and understand that it is the people who have the power. I believe the oath of office as sworn by public officials has meaning and it must always be honored.

As an Ontario Town Supervisor candidate I offer honesty, integrity, and dedication. I believe that our local officials should be in touch with the community and always seek to represent the town’s interest. This is done by transparency and communication – taking the time to explain – and, more importantly, making the effort to listen. I believe in our community and am the eternal optimist. Together we will weather tough times and relish our successes.

As your Supervisor I will be a leader and a supervisor. Decisions will be guided by principle-centered leadership and as a manager I will hold myself, and all our town servants accountable. Our hard-working employees deserve respect and reward; and, all of us, if needed, will get a metaphorical boot in the rear if we fail to serve to public. I will not forget that government exists only at the behest of our citizens.


Republican candidate for Walworth Town Supervisor

pattiOn January 1, 2001, I began my first term as a Town Board member representing the residents of Walworth and on January 1, 2014, I would like to continue to represent you as Town Supervisor.

When asked why I wanted to run for office my answer was that I believed in order to bring about change, you had to be willing to become involved. Throughout my years of service on the town board I know I have made a difference and wish to continue to do so as your Supervisor.

Being a Town Supervisor is much like being in a family. There are decisions you make that some “in the family” do not support, but after looking at the facts, you analyze the downsides that might happen and sort out the emotion, then you make the best decision for “the family” and you stand by your decision.

I was born in Walworth and when my husband and I were ready to raise our family, we chose to do that in Walworth. This is our hometown and as my love of living in Walworth began. so did my involvement in the community. This involvement has included serving on the Walworth Town Board and as Deputy Supervisor, Walworth Planning Board; Wayne County Planning Board; President and Secretary of the West Walworth Ladies Auxiliary; Vice-Chair of the Freewill Parent Group; Scout Leader with Walworth Pack 113; Committee Member and Committee Chair of Walworth Troop 113; Advisor of Walworth Explorer Post 113; serving on various Wayne Central School District committees and being a Charter Board of Director and Secretary of the Wayne Education Foundation.

My community involvement began in 1985 when we made this our hometown. It is my desire to continue to be involved in my Walworth community for the next four years and hopefully many more as Town Supervisor. Please remember to vote on November 5th.


Democratic candidate for Walworth Town Supervisor

landryWho is Dennis Landry is and what experience does he have in running my town? I will bring real-world leadership experience and management, I have been successful in the business world as a owner and manager responsible for budgeting employees and customers relationship. With my experience in the business world and my running mates’ experience in government we will bring a well rounded team to our town. As far as who is Dennis Landry? I am married for 35 years to my high school sweetheart, we have three children and two grandchildren that are all residents of Walworth. My wife Dawn works for Wayne Central School District as well as my daughter Lisa Marino and son-in-law Jay Marino – they have a daughter born on Christmas Day last year. My son Dennis and daughter-in-law Christina have chosen Walworth to raise their daughter. My youngest son Michael is engaged to Amber Dubois and planning on marrying next September. With that said I have a vested interest in the success of our town and will work hard for the people of Walworth.

I would like to close with these final words, best of luck to my opponents I have no ill will towards you only a different opinion on how our town should be run. Someone told me in local elections or is not about the party but the quality of the person, so please come out and support me and my running mates Judy Markowski, Lou Villanova, and Susie Jacobs. I am trying to see as many people as possible, but if I have missed you and you would like more information please call me at 585-872-0857.


Republican candidate for Rose Town Supervisor

WILSONI am the Republican and “Rose Back on Track” candidate for Supervisor of the Town of Rose. I have been privileged to live in Rose my entire life, raise my family here, work the fifth generation family farm and drive school bus for NRWCS. I graduated from North Rose Central School, attended Cornell College of Agriculture and am a veteran of the Vietnam War.

I am seeking office because our Town is in need of many improvements, has problems that need solving and has citizens who need a leader who can get the job done. Issues include: water system upgrades and activating past planned projects, farming vs. non-farming conflicts needing proactive resolutions, rural appropriate laws and zoning, communication with and respect of employees, budget and deadline accountability, Board decision follow-through, and regard at the County level. I am committed to resolving long overdue problems and initiating improvements. I believe in teamwork, open communication and giving credit where credit is due. I will hold the Town budget in check while maintaining services vital to taxpayers and I will absolutely adhere to the constraints of the adopted budget. I also look forward to representing our Town at the County Board of Supervisors. I believe that a Town Supervisor must first love his/her Town – the people, the land, the opportunities, and the history. This I do.

My roots, my present and my future are here. Secondly, a Supervisor should have managerial abilities developed through a lifetime of work and experience to know what works – how and why, to know the benefits of accountability – responsibility and follow through, to know the skills of handling money – restraint and obligation, and to know people – their needs, concerns and problems. This I do. Managing a 500-acre farm operation and all it entails takes ability, skill and determination. And lastly a Supervisor must want to serve – to serve the Town and the people. This I do.

I’ve served in the US Navy and served my church. Now I hope the people of Rose will support me on Election Day and allow me to serve them as their Town Supervisor.


Democratic candidate for Rose Town Supervisor

kenanRunning as a Democrat on Row A and also on an independent line: “Taxpayers for Baldridge.” I am running because I was given a mandate two years ago to make changes in the way our town was run. I have thrown myself into this task and improved the openness, information and transparency of our town government activities, as well as the accountability to the public. I have supported our community organizations, and also made needed changes in the town infrastructure, all while remaining fiscally conservative.

I am a long time resident of North Rose and a 1967 Graduate of North Rose Central School. My education includes Middlebury College, Vermont, Syracuse University, University at Albany and Akron University, Ohio. I am professionally trained in public management.

I am a member North Rose Fire Department since 1975. Much of my contribution was as an Emergency Medical Technician with the fire department ambulance service. I remain active today.

My work experience includes decades in healthcare and human services management. Most recently I worked as a management consultant to non-profits throughout North America helping them to “turn around” in both finances and operations.

I am committed to cleaning up Rose so it continues to be a nice place to live. This includes enforcement of the nuisance abatement laws as they relate to junk cars and un-mowed lawns. I am looking ahead to refurbish our essential water system so we can rely on it for safe, plentiful water for years to come. This system was first constructed in 1951 with a number of additions and improvements over the years. Some of the original work needs to be refurbished or replaced and, in the last two years, I have taken this on as an especially important task.
Now that our computers have been upgraded, I am committed to developing a town website so people can have even more information about their town government more quickly than before.

I am running because I wish to continue these changes for our town and hope that the public will vote on November 5th to keep the change going.


Republican candidate for Lyons Village Mayor

terryMy name is Terry VanStean, a longtime Village of Lyons resident. I am married with three children and 7 grandchildren, I am a US Army veteran and I have employed in the Employed in the Information Technology Industry for over 25 years (last 18 with IBM and AT&T). I am a retired “Voice of the Lions”, Joint Strategic Plan Committee, Joint Planning Board, Village Planning Board, Village of Lyons Board of Trustees, Town of Lyons Alternative Energy Committee Chair, Shared Services Committee, Water & Sewer Commissioner, Lyons Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, Alternative Energy Task Force of Wayne County Chair, member of the American Legion.

I am very familiar with the workings of the various departments of the village, have gained experience serving on many local boards, and have the education and communication skills that the Mayor of Lyons needs to effectively work through the uncertainties of the dissolution process. To ensure a seamless transition and best outcome for both village AND town residents, short-term and long-term plans for water, sewer, and public works departments need to be developed. The plan should incorporate the proposed dissolution plan and be written in such a way that in can be implemented immediately and also act as a blueprint for future boards. It should allow for general maintenance and infrastructure upgrades as well as address any deficient areas.

If elected, I will provide intelligence, fairness, and steady leadership as your next Village of Lyons Mayor and will work to ensure the best future for the citizens of Lyons. Thank you for your past support and I respectfully ask for your vote on Election Day, November 5th, 2013.


Democratic candidate for Lyons Village Mayor

cinelliBeing elected as Mayor of Lyons is important to me because I am a life-long resident and I care about our community.

My previous term as Mayor will help aid me in another term. I have already completed training in my past term so I will be able to step right in and help Lyons move forward in the coming years.

I truly believe that improvements can be made for the betterment of the entire community Village and Town. I plan to work closely with other community members and collaborate when it is beneficial.

I am totally against duplicated services and would encourage consolidated services to benefit all taxpayers. I understand there is some controversy within the community and I am hopeful that there is a solution in sight.
I will work diligently to come up with that solution.

I look forward to all of the challenges that I will be faced with. I have always given 110% in everything that I have done and I promise that I will never quit if I am elected in this community.