Monday, January 16th, 2017

Man flees Wayne County after mother discovers 6 year-old daughter was raped

When the six year-old girl told her mother what had happened, she and her boyfriend confronted Dagoberto Ruiz-Barrios. The next day a doctor confirmed the little girl had been brutally, anally raped by the 41 year-old Barrios, originally from Tuxtla Gutierrec, Mexico.

Before police could even question the undocumented alien, Ruiz-Barrios picked up stakes and fled the area after the accusation surfaced. “It was hard when he took off the next morning after being accused. That gave him a 24 hour head start,” said State Police Investigator John Stubbe. Police were also initially hindered by the fact they did not know his actual name.

Barrios was indicted “in absentia” for the July of 2011 attack in Clyde on the little girl by a Wayne County Grand Jury for three counts of Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child, an A2 Felony, Rape in the 1st Degree and two counts of Criminal Sex Act in the 1st Degree.

His quick disappearance set off a long, drawn-out search across the country. At one point, police in Alabama had arrested Ruiz-Barrios on a forgery warrant. Bail was set at $7500. The wanted man, who allegedly raped the little girl, quickly made bail and disappeared again, in the wind, after police had failed to catch the Wayne County warrant.

More dogged police work finally pinpointed Ruiz-Barrios in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Police moved in and picked him up on the Wayne County warrants. He was extradited back to New York State and, on Friday (3/15) morning, he was arraigned in Wayne County Court in front of Judge Daniel Barrett and committed to the Wayne County Jail without bail.

State Police were assisted in the investigation by the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office, the United States Marshal’s Service, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Border Patrol and the Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes.