Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Macedon Town and Village “play nice”

At a joint meeting of the board of the Macedon Town and Village on April 9th, a little talking and a little clarity went a long way.

The Town of Macedon had indicated at an earlier Town meeting that its intent was to allow the Macedon Center Fire Department to take over the contract for fire protection. This would have eliminated fire protection from the Macedon Village Fire Department, whose contract will expire in December of this year. Many years of distrust and dislike between the two boards has taken a toll, with the fire issue, was just one more emerging this year.

On neutral ground at the public hearing held at the Macedon Intermediate School, the two boards – talked and listened.

A moderator (Jim Forshay) opened with a statement:
“The objective of this first of possibly many meetings between the two boards, is to reconcile outstanding differences regarding the following subjects: Fire Department, Sewer, Ambulance.
In addition, we would hope to establish a firm method of trust and communications between boards…The boards are asked to remember that we are all residents of Macedon. To start, the Mayor or Supervisor will present their definition of the problem we are discussing and then the other board leader will reply with their definition of the same problem and we shall proceed from there… To resolve issues let’s try and find a common ground on each subject, no matter how small, and work from there. This will likely be the first of several meetings if we are to accomplish our goals.”

Each board gave a fire protection proposal (the Town offered four options) on a plan for fire protection. After looking over the plans, another joint meeting will be held to discuss them.

This meeting, although it was open to the public, was not a public comment forum. It was well attended by the public, but conducted between the Town and Village boards alone.

Also discussed was the Sewer Contract and questions and answers on the two Ambulance services.

After a few brief barbs, and a good deal of reflecting, and finally listening, the meeting ended on a positive note. A date for another joint meeting will be set and announced.