Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Macedon Police start “Lunch with the Law” program

The Town of Macedon Police Department announced a new community outreach program called “Lunch with the Law” on Friday (9/6) morning at a school-wide assembly at the Palmyra Macedon Intermediate School.

The program will include the Chief of Police and members of his staff traveling to the various school buildings in the Pal-Mac and Gananda School Districts to have lunch with students and faculty on a regular basis.

The program developed by Chief Colella is twofold — to develop strong relationships with students and staff at the two districts, along with having a Police presence on random days. “Unfortunately, we currently do not have funding for full-time School Resource Officers, so we are doing our best to integrate our officers into the multiple District facilities, both during school, and for after-school athletics. The “Lunch with the Law” program will give students the time to interact with officers on a stress-free level and it will hopefully build upon relationships throughout the years.

Macedon Chief Colella advised, “We have tried to change the perception in the community that seeing a Police Officer or a patrol vehicle at a school is not always representative of a student in trouble or a complaint being filed. Having an officer visible at the school is a positive thing and the Chief has been welcomed with open arms by both school districts.”

Chief Colella hopes that the program will expand to include special guests from other Law Enforcement agencies, along with the lunch program expanding to senior citizens and community groups.