Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Macedon Officer charged with Grand Larceny, Official Misconduct

A five year veteran of the Macedon Police Department was arrested Tuesday (10/29) following an internal investigation that began with an October 5th Driving While Intoxicated arrest.

Officer Edward O’Konsky was aiding in the processing of the woman at the station. Part of the evidence was a cooler filled with jello shots in the back of the vehicle. O’Konsky reportedly kept the cooler and took it home that evening after taking pictures for the case.

On Tuesday, (10/8) when Macedon Chief John Colella was informed the cooler had not been booked in as evidence, O’Konsky was suspended with pay pending an internal investigation.

Macedon Police began unwinding a series of incidents, including a quantity of meat seized in an earlier case involving shoplifters. The frozen meat, stored in a public safety building freezer, had disappeared.
More investigation revealed the disappearance of $200 in cash which the Times had donated to the Macedon Association of Police Officers (M.A.P.O.), the union representing the Macedon officers. The money was taken in for t-shirts for a baseball tournament, a receipt was issued, but the money reportedly disappeared.

Further investigation revealed O’Konsky, the Association (Union)President, also handled the banking for his fellow officers, allegedly took approximately $2,200 over a year’s time through a series of bank withdrawals. The fellow officers discovered O’Konsky had obtained an unauthorized debit card on the Union account. He reportedly covered up the withdrawals with false entries into the union ledger.

Chief Colella indicated the cooler and $620 of the missing union monies has been returned.

Edward S. O’Konsky, age 38 of Farmington, was arrested for Grand Larceny in the 4th Degree, Falsifying Business Records 1st Degree, Official Misconduct, Tampering with Physical Evidence (2 cts) and Petit Larceny.

O’Konsky was arraigned in the Macedon Town Court on the charges and was released. His return court date is November 19th at 10 am. Following his arraignment he was suspended without pay by the Macedon Town Board.
O’Konsky began his police career for the Caledonia Police Department, before moving to the Palmyra Police Department. He worked there for three years before making a move to Macedon.

Records show O’Konsky filed for chapter seven bankruptcy in 2011, showing assets of $132,551.74 and liabilities of $158,685.