Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Joseph Maxey handed toughest sentence ever in Wayne County

The horror came to light some months ago. The multiple young victims of years of rape by Joseph Maxey were vindicated with a Guilty on all counts verdict last month.

On Thursday (7/11/13), the sentencing of the man District Attorney Rick Healy called a “monster” was decided.

Healy told the court that, due to the multiple victims, multiple counts of Rape and the ages of the victims, Maxey should received the maximum sentence allowed.

The court then heard from two of the three victims of the rapes, and their mother. The choking of tears made the statements to their tormentor barely audible.

The mother told Maxey he had “stopped my beautiful girls from being teenager girls. This will haunt them forever,” she sobbed.

Bravely, one of the sisters came to the podium to speak to her abuser. In part of her statement, she acknowledged: “It’s amazing how one person can change another person, both physically and mentally….Half of my life has been damaged because of what you have put me through. You prevented my siblings and myself from growing up like other kids our age…After you took my virginity and abused me, I was no longer the same. I felt like I was outside of my own body…I blame myself everyday for not fighting harder, or for not screaming loud enough….I thought about suicide more times than I can count..I never thought I would escape from you…Here I am almost 18 and a high school graduate….I’m moving on to better things and I pray you get what you deserve.”

She added, with quiet determination, “If I would have known about you taking advantage of my sister as well, I would have done everything in my power to prevent this….I know someday I will have to forgive you, but believe me, its a growing process. But now, it’s a new day, a new year, and now its a new me!”

When she returned to the arms of her family sitting in the courtroom, the young lady encouraged her sister to speak. Hesitatingly, and with tears in her eyes, the next victim spoke to her rapist.
“…Never in my life did I think something like this would happen to me. A man came into our life portraying to be the father figure that we needed in our life…then just ups and takes our virginity at the age of 14…or better yet 12!”

“Do you feel any shame, guilt, sorrow, regret? I bet not. I am glad that I can finally face you and tell you how I feel. Do I hate you? Yes, that’s not a question I have to ask twice. It’s not because I have a child, because he is the best thing that has happened to me. A person that can ruin a child’s life is a person that I will hate.” “There is no doubt in my mind that you will be going back to the place that you came from – hell. But until you get there, prison will make a great substitute. The last thing I want to say is that I hope you rot in hell and never see the light of day again.”

Wayne County Supreme Court Judge Dennis Kehoe, presiding over the sentencing of Maxey, asked the defendant if he wished to make a statement. Maxey declined.

Kehoe prefaced his sentencing with a few words about his feelings on this case. “No matter what I do here today, it will not make these victims whole again. The law limits the punishments I can impose. I received correspondence from the District Attorney indicated that Mr. Maxey is a serial sexual child predator. After looking at the definition, it is hard to say – difficult, because the crimes are spread over so many years. But, I agree with the definition. I want those who may someday hear his request for parole to know, by my ruling, how I feel,” said Kehoe. “I listened to the witnesses in this case, and I found them to be compelling… Apparently the jury believed them as well, because it only took 50 minutes of deliberation for them to find him guilty.”

Carefully chronicling all the charges and counts of Rape in the 3rd Degree, Rape in the 2nd degree, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Judge Kehoe pronounced the maximum sentence. Joseph Maxey will serve 63 years to life, with no possibility of parole before 45 years. The crowd applauded and then quieted into sobbing hugs. Maxey must also register as a Sexual Offender and the District Attorney added three Orders of Protection, so that Maxey can never contact the young women.