Monday, January 16th, 2017

If there’s a storm brewing, these guys are cruising







It is unlikely the Storm Trackers Team of Wayne & Surrounding Counties will appear on any reality TV show or newscast chasing a tornado across any local plains. It is also unlikely the group of dedicated weather watchers will drive tank-like vehicles through hail and high winds with myriad technical equipment clamoring at a heart beat.

The group, a brainchild of Williamson technology teacher and trained meteorologist Jack Matthys, began back in September of 2011. The purpose of the Storm Trackers Team of Wayne & Surrounding Counties is to track and chase storm systems and report vital information to the National Weather Service Office in Buffalo and TV stations in Rochester and Syracuse.
Currently, the six-man club meets the last Wednesday of every month at the Sodus Town Ambulance base on Ridge Road in Sodus. There, topics of weather are mixed with presentations on various climate pictures, videos and meteorological lessons.

Fellow North Rose-Wolcott teacher, trained meteorologist and seasoned storm chaser Tim Thomas, travels out west on occasion to join severe weather Plain States chasers. In 2007 several of his students joined in his adventure and Tim is planning a solo trip again next summer.

Protecting public safety and at the same time educating the public on local weather storms and rarities is what Storm Trackers Team of Wayne & Surrounding Counties is all about and new members are always welcomed. The group has no membership fees and are looking for private and corporate sponsors for any funding in aiding in local weather research.

For more information, call Jack Matthys at (315) 573-4891. The group’s website and email will be set up shortly for people to submit weather photos and weather-related info for their area. You can keep in touch with them at Storm Trackers of Wayne County on Facebook.