Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Husband & wife defraud welfare of close to $40,000

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Special Department of Social Services (DSS) Fraud Unit reported the arrest on Monday (4/28) of Randolph R. Chavis, age 41, of 4127 West Walworth Road in Walworth. Chavis, originally from the New York City area, was picked up by Deputies after a joint investigation conducted with several DSS departments.

It was found that Chavis was receiving a cash grant from DSS, issued on Randolph’s behalf, to help with his child care costs, while he worked. Chavis was also receiving food stamps for what he reported was his single parent household. In reality, investigators were able to show that the day care was provided by a family member who also resided in the home with Chavis and his wife, Doris.

The wife, who told police she resided in Binghamton, lied and is also employed full time. The couple was not eligible for public assistance. From 2011 through 2013, the Chavis family received just shy of $40,000 in cash and food stamps that they were not entitled to. “They worked the system like pros,” said Investigator Alan Graham. While being questioned, Chavis admitted to the crimes. He has a prior conviction out of the New York City area for drug sales.

Investigators charged Randolph with one count of Felony Welfare Fraud and 5 counts of Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the first degree. He was arraigned on all counts and was committed to the County jail in lieu of bail. Further court process is expected in the Lyons Village court.

Doris Chavis, age 33, was arrested on Thursday evening and charged with Offering a False Statement for Filing in the 1st Degree. She was released to appear in the Village of Lyons Court.

Investigator Alan Graham gave credit to the DSS caseworkers “For doing an exceptional job in researching this case.”