Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Here’s Who’s Who on Today’s Ballot

In County elections, only the District Attorney position is up this year. Current DA Rick Healy has the endorsement of both the Republican and Conservative parties.


For Supervisor, the Democrats have put up former Supervisor Joe DeSanto, and the Republicans are supporting incumbent Dick Colacino. For Town Clerk, current Clerk Diane Allerton is unopposed. Two council seats will be sought by incumbents: Brenda Westcott with the democrat nod, and Gary McIlwain with the Republican backing. There is a vacancy for a Council seat as well. Incumbent Highway Superintendent David K. Harder is running unopposed and is backed by the Democrats. A Proposition, abolishing the elective office of Receiver of Taxes and Assessments, is to be voted on as well.


No one is opposing Supervisor Dave Spickerman, Sr. in the town of Butler. He is on the Republican line. Clerk Robin Jeremenko on the Republican line is also unopposed. Incumbents Eugene VanDeusen and Duane VanGelder will also be on the Republican line for Council seats with no one else vying for their seats. In the Highway Superintendent race, Incumbent Edward Reitz (Republican) will be opposed by Richard Lee Kyle on the “Butler Pride” line. For Town Justice, Jeffrey Rich Harper is running unopposed. Butler is putting up three propositions in this elections. Proposition #1 asks if there should be a change in the term of the Supervisor from 2 years to 4 years. Proposition #2 asks if the term of the Town Clerk shall be changed from 2 years to 4 years, and Propostion #3 asked if the term of the Highway Superintendent shall go from 2 years to 4 years.


It’s quite a race for Supervisor in the Town of Galen with three candidates. Incumbent Steve Groat (Republican/Progress Party) will face Andre D’Amato on the Democratic and For the People line, and Leo Jenkins (former Town Supervisor) on the People Party line. Town Clerk Norma Lancaster will run unopposed, cross-endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans. Town Justice Lester Carr Sr. will run on the Democratic and Republican lines also, as well as the Pride In Galen line. For two Town Council seats, Democrat Richard Donselaar will again run for his position, as will former Town Clerk Noreen E. Kanaley and, William Delperdange. Noreen has the backing of the Democrats and Republicans, Bill is backed by the Republicans and the Pride in Galen party. Current Highway Superintendent Paul Plucinik, on the Democrat and Republican lines, will face Kyle W. Pangburn on the “It is Time for A Change” line.


The seats for Supervisor (Laurie Crane) two council seats (Alan Traister, Russell Teeple). A vacancy for a 2 year Assessor seat will be sought by Colleen Scudder. The Superintendent of Highways seat, a 2 year vacancy is being sought by Richard Reyn.


Town of Lyons Supervisor Brian Manktelow will run unopposed backed by the Republican party. The Republicans will back Nicholas Forgione again for Town Justice, while the Democrats endorse Larry Hartwell for the open seat. Two Council seats are open, with incumbent Dan LaGasse seeking one, and Ralph D’Amato seeking another. Both are on the Republican line. Lyons voters will also decide on Proposition #1 which asks if they would like to change the term of the Supervisor from 2 years to 4 years.


There is one opening for Village Justice with incumbent Nicholas Forgione backed by the Republicans and Larry Hartwell running on the Democratic line. Two seats are open for the Village Trustee positions. Incumbents Terry VanStean and Dennis Alvaro are backed by the Republicans, and are being challenged by Democrat John Cinelli.


Macedon voters can have all their incumbents back with no opposition. Supervisor Bill Hammond, Clerk Judy Gravino, Highway Superintendent Dick Roets, Justice Ron Reinstein, Receiver of Taxes Lorie Maul, and Councilmen Paul Kenyon and Dave Maul are all endorsed by the Republicans.


On two lines, Republican/Marion First, incumbent Supervisor Jody Bender is opposed for her position by Gary Smith, running on the Citizens Party line. Town Justice Paul Bender is endorsed by Republicans and Marion First Party with no opposition. Also on the Republican and Marion First lines and running unopposed are Town Councilpersons LaVerne Bliek and Linda Lee


In Ontario, Republican Supervisor Bob Kelsch will seek reelection, opposed by Democrat Joe Molino (former Supervisor). Town Clerk Debra DeMinck will run unopposed as will Town Justice Paul Sucher, both are endorsed by the Republicans and Ontario’s Future party. For two council seats, the nominees are Democrats Joan Stark, and Jim Switzer (former Supervisor), and Republican (incumbent) Lori Eaton-Smith and Republican candidate Michael Melino. Democrat incumbent Highway Superintendent Jerry Santangelo will run unopposed. Ontario voters will also decide on Proposition #1 which asks if they would change the term of the Town Supervisor from 2 years to 4 years.


In Palmyra, incumbent Republican Supervisor Ken Miller will seek re-election. He will be opposed by Democrat Dean George. In the race for two council seats, Republicans are endorsing incumbents Mike Lambrix and Jim Welch, while Democrats are putting up Dave Pray and Cindy Beagley. town Justice Bill Abbott is cross endorsed by both parties for re-election. Town Clerk Lynne Green and Town Superintendent of Highways Mike Boesel are running unopposed, backed by the Republicans.


Democrats will run Kenan Baldridge against Republican Incumbent Supervisor Lucinda Collier, and David VanHanehan will oppose Collier on the Pride in Rose line. Town Justice Donald Ballagh will be backed by the Republicans, and Michael Donalty will run for the seat on the Rose Truth & Justice Party line. Two Council seats are open. The Republicans are supporting incumbent Scott Converse, and Richard Lasher. The Democrats are putting up Bob Cecarelli. Republican Incumbent Superintendent of Highways Alan Barney is running unopposed.


Supervisor Ken Lauderdale is running unopposed this year, as is Town Justice Richard Sloane. For two Town Council seats, the Republicans are endorsing Julie VanLeeuwen (incumbent) and Frederick Baker, while John Metcalf is running on the Savannah Unity Party line, and John M. VanDuyne is running on the Hope and Integrity line. The current Superintendent of Highways Allen Sherman is endorsed by the Republicans and Savannah First parties and John King Jr is running for the seat on the Smart Choice line. Savannah voters will decide on Proposition #1 which asks if the Suerpvisor’s term shall change from 2 years to 4 years, and Proposition #2 which ask if the elective office of Highway Superintendent should be abolished, and an appointed office created.


In Sodus, incumbent Supervisor Steve LeRoy is running against Craig Wolleson. LeRoy is endorsed by the Republicans and Conservatives, and Wolleson is running on the Lone Goose line. Town Clerk Lori Diver is running unopposed, supported by the Republicans/Conservatives. For town council seats, incumbents Kelly Gray and Bob Debadts are endorsed vy the Republicans and Michael Madison and Mary Ellen Fava are running on the Democrat line. DeBadts also is endorsed by the Conservatives. Superintendent of Highways Bill DuBois is endorsed by the Republicans/Conservatives and is being challenged by Greg Allman on the Independent Highway line.


In Sodus Point, two trustee seats are open, and are being sought by: Sharon Lilla on the Democratic and Sodus Point Forever lines, and incumbents Al Hendrikse Jr. and Jim Quinn (endorsed by the Republicans/Conservatives).


Mayor Kelley Allen is seeking re-election to a one year vacancy of his seat and is endorsed by the Republicans, while his opponent David Madison is seeking the seat, endorsed by the Conservative party. Two trustee seats are sought by Lynne Littlefield (Repubican) Jared Laird (Republican) and David Englert (Common Sense/Common Ground line).


Two Council seats are up for grabs in Walworth this year. The Democrats have put up Larry Ruth and Dennis Landry, while the Republicans are backing Suzi Hawkins-Mance (incumbent) and Vaughn Pembroke. For Receiver of Taxes, the Democrats are endorsing Barb Keulling and the Republicans are endorsing Linda Bretsch.


Incumbent Republican Supervisor Jim Hoffman will run unopposed, as will Republican Town Clerk Marlene Gulick. For two Town Justice seats, the Democrats are endorsing Charles Burkwit; The Justice party is backing Chuck Monsees, and the Republicans are supporting Barry VanNostrand and Deborah Stritzel. Council seats are sought by the two incumbent Republicans Gary Orbaker and Tony Verno. For Superintendent of Highways, Republican Russell Scott Jr. will challenge Democrat Kurt Allman.


Supervisor Kim Park will see no opposition for her seat this year, nor will Town Clerk Dawn Krul, or Town Justice George Lachnicht. For Council seats, Republicans have endorsed incumbent Adam Ellis, and Henry Felker. Bookeeper Amber Roberts will seek one fo the Assessor openings. The other seat is vacant. For Superintendent of Highways, Republican endorsed Scott Maybe will challenge Chris Loveless on the Concerned Taxpayers line. There are two seats open for Assessor, with two Republican endorsed candidates running, Amber L. Roberts and Izetta J. Younglove.

Polls are open on Tuesday, November 8th from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Exercise your right to vote.