Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

He thought she was paying the bills…

Ex-girlfriend faces 40 counts of Petit Larceny

When Michael Pastore had Lacy (Bush) Kerr, age 28, move in with him, he thought it was the perfect arrangement. Soon after the couple cohabited, Kerr took over all the bill paying, at least that is what Michael was led to believe. He handed the money over to her and life went on. Little did Michael know the mail and phone calls from bill collectors were allegedly intercepted by his true love.

When Michael became suspicious of the situation, Lacy was ready with what sounded like a logical excuse, including phony receipts. Michael’s parents were drawn into the scheme when they were eventually served with court papers for non-payment of rents. “Her downfall was that she had no idea that their home actually belongs to ME. When questioned, she assured me rent had been paid and had me believing that the woman in the rental office was a total screw up. She even told me that she had a letter from the landlord stating that everything was paid to date. When I insisted that I needed this letter and all the receipts she had, she started avoiding me, making excuses and then suddenly ended up in the hospital with mysterious symptoms. She said she was very, very sick, so now she couldn’t get those papers to me. At this point I found evidence of what she had done and had to break the news to my son, who, although he had suspicions, was totally crushed,” said Michael’s mother, Debbie Pastore.

The deception included new cell phone and cell phone contracts, car insurance payments. Soon Michael had his license suspended for no insurance and his parents became liable for co-signed financial agreements. According to police, Kerr presented phony receipts and many excuses. The deception continued from April through November of 2010. Finally, Michael was at his wits end and threw the woman out. Debbie Pastore believes there may be other such victims of Kerr’s alleged activities.

The total loss to Michael, besides his credit questions is estimated to be in excess of $8000. Kerr was released on an appearance ticket for Ontario Town Court.

After much investigation, loads of paperwork and interviews, Kerr was arrested on Monday (2/13) for 40 counts of Petit Larceny by State Police Investigator Rick VanDeMar. “I don’t know what she did with the money,” said the Investigator.

When she arrived at the Williamson State Police barracks, having been pre-warned by police that she did not have a valid license, Kerr was additionally charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 3rd Degree. The day after her arrest, Kerr was again arrested by Wolcott State Police for Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 3rd Degree and released after posting a $150 cash bail.

Kerr is reportedly living on Lummisville Road in Wolcott. Wayne County District Attorney Rick Healy said he would review the case for possible grand jury action.