Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Haunted History Ghost Walks and Haunted Jail & Cellblock

The Museum of Wayne County History brings two fall mainstays back again this October. The best Haunted Jail for a creepfest fun time is the old jail in Lyons! The Museum of Wayne County History has the exclusive rights to the only really haunted jail in Wayne County open to the public and when the jail cells are decorated for the spine-chilling and spooky Haunted Jail & Cellblock Terror, not even the ghosts can hold back their screams! Let the museum staff and volunteers scare the wits out of you October 28 & 29, just remember to bring someone along, to hold their hand!

Walk through the jail cells at the Butternut street Museum right over the spot where William Fee was hung in 1860! Do the mannequins move? Is there ghostly smoke in the air? Come young, come old if you dare!

“Even though I work here and I know that the cobwebs aren’t real, there’s always that element of the real haunted jail underneath and that’s what’s really terrifying,” said Executive Director Larry Ann Evans.

Enter the museum through the back door, right off of the parking lot where a ghoul will meet you! The Haunted Jail runs Friday the 28 and Saturday the 29th