Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Haroff Retirement will leave void at Nursing Home helm

“I’ve finally done it. I have been contemplating it for a year. I am approaching 67 and I am ready for retirement,” stated Margaret Haroff, the Wayne County Nursing Home’s only Administrator for the last 22 years.

“It will be 23 years in September, and I plan to make my last day, Friday, September 13th.

“My Nursing Home management team has been involved in a succession plan for several years. They are incredibly dedicated and professional,” Haroff said of her Assistant Administrator Catherine Chabrier and Nursing Home Comptroller Judith Seier. She noted that she has informed the Board of Supervisors that Chabrier would be a very good choice as her replacement.

The Wayne County Nursing Home and Rehab Center recently completed a money saving plan to transition to a private company, Sodexo, for dietary, housekeeping, and maintenance services. “While it is never easy to make these decisions, the Wayne County Board of Supervisors’ determination to run the nursing home with less cost to the taxpayers and the anticipated savings of over $800,000 a year, while still maintaining the excellent level of service to the residents, motivated the outsourcing.”

Marge has received kudos and high praise for her ongoing handling of changes and financial issues over the years. In 2007, she was awarded the Rochester Business Journal’s Health Care Achievement Award in the non-physician category for her work and vision.

A native of Long Island, she has over 40 years in Nursing Home Administration. Marge joined the Wayne County Nursing Home as Administrator in 1990. She resides in the Village of Macedon with her grandson Andrew, who will turn 18 soon and graduate from high school. I am looking forward to traveling with him after I retire.” Marge said happily. We will visit my brother who moved from Wayne County to Savannah Georgia, and I look especially forward to improving my rotten golf game.” she added.

When asked if she has any regrets, she replied “No, not at all. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished at our Nursing Home”.
Marge is confident of a smooth transition when she leaves. She feels that with her “exceptional” team in place, they are ready to take the Nursing Home into the future.

“Given healthcare’s ongoing challenges, the nursing home team continues to identify additional ways to reduce costs and build a strong revenue base in order to serve our mission for many years to come. We appreciate the support of the community for our employees and our residents during this transition.”

Wolcott Town Supervisor and Chair of the Health and Medical Services Committee, Kim Park has worked with Marge and her team through many stages of change.

Most recently, Marge fought for and laid out a strong challenge to the Board of Supervisors attempt to put the Nursing Home up for sale. With declining numbers and a huge burden on the County budget, the Board chose to write an RFP (Request for Proposals) to find professional assistance with marketing and selling the home.

At the Board meeting back in February, Marge spoke imploringly for the need to keep the home County-owned. She said she felt the Nursing Home had made strides in cutting expenses. The recent transition of the privatizing of maintenance and housekeeping at the Nursing Home was one example of where Marge and her team have worked cooperatively with the Board to keep costs down.
Supervisor Park indicated that, despite the hard work and attempts at cost savings, there is just no way to the “close the gap.” Even with a 5-year plan of cost cutting and reductions, the writing is still on the wall for the sale of the Home.
Park remains impressed with Haroff and her staff, and said she would “absolutely feel 100% confident with having Catherine Chabrier take over in the interim when Marge leaves.” “I have also been really impressed with their Comptroller, Judy Seier,” said Kim. “She and Marge led the charge on the cost cutting measures for the Sodexo take over”.

Park admits that the Wayne County Nursing Home is a great facility. The Rehab area does a superior job, according to Park. She could personally attest to that, having done rehab for a torn ACL at the facility.

“I have really enjoyed working with her (Haroff) and with her staff. They have been enthusiastic, highly committed and second to none. I realize that Marge feels it is time for her to retire, and she deserves it. I think she did an excellent job for the County and I wish her nothing but good things in her future,” stated Park.