Monday, January 16th, 2017

Former Clyde-Savannah Athletic Director arrested again in Florida

The former Clyde-Savannah Football Coach and Athletic Director and teacher, Ronald R. Vitticore, has once again been arrested. Vitticore, age 64, now residing in Fort Meyers, Florida was arrested in March of 2010 following a harassment complaint from a 16-year old girl.

Vitticore, at the time of the 2010 arrest, admitted he would show up at bus stops and follow girls walking home from school and work in a small community in Fort Myers, Florida, where he moved to following his retirement from Clyde-Savannah in 1998.Deputies learned through their investigation he had often approached girls who he thought were “street girls” and would offer them rides, and a chance to earn some money.

After initially denying he was trying to solicit the teen for sex, he pled guilty in  May 2011 to Stalking and Harassing a Juvenile. Vitticore accepted a plea deal that placed him on probation for one year and required him to pay a fine and be evaluated by a doctor to determine if he exhibited any “sexually deviant behavior” according a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office.

Vitticore was picked up again on Sunday (9/25) for “Cruising/Loitering” which in Florida typically amounts to driving around in your car soliciting women/prostitutes. That specifically matches up with the allegations the 16 year-old girl made against him in March.  This arrest also triggered a Violation of Probation arrest – a warrant that he turned himself in on Monday and subsequently posted bail and was released.

According to a Fort Meyers Police report obtained by the Times, Vitticore was observed by a police patrol approached two females stating “Do you need a ride?”. This is a known statement used when attempting to solicit prostitutes to get into a vehicle. The women declined after spotting the police and admitted to police that Vitticore had tried to solicit them. His vehicle was stopped after making a u-turn in an effort to  get away from the area. Once stopped Vitticore told police he was simply going to McDonald’s.

Vitticore’s vehicle was towed from the scene and he was charged with traffic violations and under the Municipal Ordinance Violation of Loitering/Cruising. He posted a $3500 bond  and is due back in a  Lee County Court on Monday (10/10).

During his tenure at Clyde-Savannah, he won ten Section 5 titles, a state title, and 25 Coach of the Year awards. No reports of illegal activities surfaced while Vitticore was employed at Clyde-Savannah. He was a 2001 Section V Coach Hall of Fame inductee.
(Contributions to this story by 13 WHAM-TV and reporter Sean Carroll)

UPDATE: As of Thursday afternoon, Charges have been dismissed due to Insufficient evidence to Prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt.