Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Drug-fueled Robbery thwarted at Gananda Pharmacy

On May 23, the Wayne County 911 center received a report of a Burglary in progress at a home on State Route 441 in the Town of Walworth. Sheriff’s Deputies responded and found the report to be without merit. At about 4:30 pm, approximately six minutes after that burglary report was received, the Wayne County 911 center received a separate call. This one was for an Attempted Robbery in progress at the Gananda Pharmacy, located off Canandaigua Road in Walworth. State Police responded to that call. They found that the “would be” robber had left the area.

According to Pharmacist Jose DelosSantos, a man in a baseball cap came into the pharmacy and walked around the store, then he put on sunglasses and approached the prescription counter. He handed the pharmacist a note and demanded oxycontin. DelosSantos told him he didn’t have any on hand. The man argued with him and told him not to do anything stupid. They argued for about 30 seconds or so, until another customer came in and it seemed to “spook” him, according to Jose. The man left the store, taking the note with him. DelosSantos attempted to get around the counter and chase the man, but was not able to catch him,
Police later put their heads together and found that the same individual who was responsible for the fake 911 call, was the one who attempted to rob the pharmacy, while police were otherwise occupied.

On May 30th, Sheriff’s Deputies charged Wayne D. Deher Jr., age 31 of Viking Way in Brockport with Falsely Reporting an Incident in the third degree, and Criminal Impersonation second degree. Some “lucky breaks” and tips led to Deher’s arrest. Suspicions surfaced immediately when the two calls to 911 came in several miles and several minutes apart.

Dreher admitted that he made the first call to keep police busy, and that he went to the Pharmacy and demanded drugs. He was arraigned in the Town of Galen Court before Judge Lester Carr and was committed to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $2500 bail. Additional charges are pending from the State Police. They have a warrant for Dreher for Attempted Robbery in the 3rd degree, and plan to rearraign him at his next hearing and charge him then.